In keeping with our aim to provide, as often as we can, a full recording of First Minister's Questions, we have uploaded the latest session.

Many people are unable to navigate both the Scottish Parliament's own recordings and BBC Scotland’s online recording of the event, and thus Newsnet Scotland believes that by publishing here we make the event accessible to a much wider audience than would otherwise be the case.

The video below will allow viewers to form their own judgement on the exchanges. 


# farrochie 2013-03-08 10:13
"In private"

Is Johann Lamont suggesting that she will make "private" cabinet discussions "public"? This would of course be contrary to the Ministerial Code.

Confidentiality and Security of Cabinet Documents and Other Government Papers
2.26 Ministers have a personal responsibility to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of government business. Failure to maintain good security can cause damage to the interests and reputation of the Government and may prejudice the effective conduct of official business.
# gregalach 2013-03-08 11:19
I think Lamont has selective eyesight and this is what she read in the ministerial code

2.26 opposition members have a personal responsibility to ... cause damage to the interests and reputation of the Government and.. prejudice the effective conduct of official business.
# Shooie-B 2013-03-08 11:12
What a fantastic performance for Alex Salmond yesterday at FMQ’s, he ripped into the bitter together mob and even Westminster got some too, I think we need more of this from AS, he was on top form and the predictions for the North Sea totally blew apart the unionist scam on the people of Scotland that the oil is running out.

Keep it up AS that was top class !!
# bringiton 2013-03-08 16:05
We need to get across to people that Westminster is completely incompetent when it comes to economic management.
Let us say that 40 years ago,the Norwegians had stupidly asked London to manage their oil resources.
Where would they be now economically ?
Not with > £400 billion in their savings account and enviable public services.
Instead,thanks to London,they would have no savings,public services being trashed and around £100 billion share of London's debt (the same as Scotland has based on similar poulation size).
Would the Norwegians vote to have this situation continue or cut their losses and go for self management?

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