Labour MSP Duncan McNeil is to be reported to the Scottish Parliament over alleged inappropriate and discriminatory comments he made following the tragic deaths of the three Riggi children.

The news follows comments from Mr McNeil who claimed that SNP inaction over home-schooling legislation may have placed the Riggi children in greater danger.

Mr McNeil’s original comments brought furious responses, with the Scottish government calling them insensitive and politically motivated.  Home-schooling organisation Schoolhouse labeled the Labour MSP a ‘grave-robber’ and wrote to him demanding he make an apology.

However the Labour MSP has now provoked further fury after giving a statement to his local newspaper The Greenock Telegraph in which he suggested that the home-schooling system could be exploited and insisted that he would not apologise for his original remarks.  Mr McNeil denied receiving any correspondence from Schoolhouse.

Schoolhouse has called the latest comments from Mr McNeil ‘offensive’ to the home-schooling community and has accused him of using the tragedy in order to “hog headlines” and of “squeezing every last drop of political capital” out of the Riggi tragedy.

Schoolhouse said:
"By steadfastly refusing to apologise for his inappropriate, insensitive and politically motivated attack on a minority group in the wake of the Riggi family tragedy, and now seemingly redoubling his efforts to hog headlines over the issue,  he is clearly intent on squeezing every last drop of political capital out of a desperately sad human tragedy.

"Anyone who watched Pasquale Riggi’s dignified interview last week in which he paid tribute to his murdered children could not have failed to be moved by the man’s loss, and Schoolhouse deplores the unseemly behaviour of Mr McNeil whose propriety appears to have deserted him entirely."

The organisation confirmed that a letter was sent to Mr McNeil on 9th August and have also confirmed that they will lodge a complaint with the Scottish Parliament over Mr McNeil’s conduct.

The text of the letter sent by Schoolhouse to Duncan McNeil is reproduced below:

Mr Duncan McNeil MSP
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP

Dear Mr McNeil

I write with reference to an article published in the Sunday Post on 8 August 2010 in which you are attributed with making deeply offensive, insensitive and entirely inappropriate remarks about home education in the wake of the recent Riggi tragedy, and in which you further sought to mislead the public regarding the law relating to elective home education in both England and Scotland.

At the request of Schoolhouse members, I invite you to retract your remarks in full and issue a public apology for causing immense distress to the Scottish home education community and, most especially, to the friends and family of the children who have died in such appalling circumstances. In seeking to make political capital out of this tragedy, we believe you have engaged in conduct most unbecoming of an elected member of the Scottish Parliament and, in the absence of a full and public apology, we are minded to make a formal complaint via the presiding officer.

Your contention that tighter regulation and monitoring of home education might have prevented this tragedy is frankly astonishing. It would therefore be useful if you could enlighten the home education community as to what sort of draconian measures you would wish to see exclusively imposed on this minority group of law abiding citizens, and how, exactly, such measures might have changed the outcome in this sad and profoundly shocking case.

I further invite you to publish a statement of apology for issuing false information about the law pertaining to home education in England. May I remind you that no changes were made to the English legislation following recommendations in the Badman report, all of which were thrown out prior to the May election. The contents of that flawed report, including the ‘statistics’ you have so cynically misused to smear a minority community, have been discredited by professional analysts and were roundly rejected by the UK Parliament.

You should be aware that it is parents, not the state, who have the legal duty to provide their children with a suitable education, and that statutory guidance issued by the Scottish Government sets out the responsibilities of local authorities in relation to home education. If you wish to familiarise yourself with the law and guidance, you will find the relevant information on the Schoolhouse website.

Schoolhouse encourages Scottish local authorities to provide us with up to date information about their policies on home education and we have created a dedicated web page for each council, but we have so far been unable to elicit any such information from Inverclyde Council which serves your own home educating constituents. Perhaps you would be good enough to look into this on their behalf?

I look forward to your response in early course.

Yours sincerely

Schoolhouse Secretary


# rgweir 2010-08-17 13:28
ED..shoolhouse sent him a letter dated 9th august,,did he not state a few days ago that he had not heard from schoolhouse?
# brusque 2010-08-17 13:34
McNeill can add outright liar to the very long list of negative qualities he possesses.

Pure Scum.
# Teri 2010-08-17 13:42
I'm delighted to hear that Schoolhouse are pursuing this further. Duncan McNeill refuses to see anything wrong in what he said. This shows what type of person he his with his typically Labour mindset. I do hope the good folk of Greenock remember this when voting in May.
# Jimbo 2010-08-17 13:52
I've just Emailed this article to everyone in my contacts list asking them to pass it on - let people see what kind of low life politicians inhabit Scottish Labour HQ.

This is the kind of thing that the SNP should be shoving in people's faces. This along with Gray's false claims re Skills Development Scotland, Karen Whitefield's breach of the Data Protection Act re schoolchildren and Scottish Labour's stubborn refusal to back minimum pricing for alcohol when their fellow party members in England and Wales back it, should be/could be great subjects for a press conference.

No doubt the Labour spin machine will claim this is an SNP organised witch-hunt against a member of the Labour Party.
# G.Macp 2010-08-17 13:58
Maybe the local SNP should have this letter and the background to it used as a leaflet drop to inform the local electorate of what type of man he really is!
With any luck he might not be returned as an MSP. Mind you I've always thought that many voters vote for the party and not the individual at elections. In labours case the party regardless of policies, or integrity!
# EdinScot 2010-08-17 14:46
Glad to see Schoolhouse sticking to their word and reporting his conduct and lies to the Scottish Parilament.

When Henry MacLeish had his 'muddle not a guddle' moment and Wendy Alexander had her financial difficulties with a Jersey businessman, it was public pressure that helped force them to resign as Leader. The story wouldnt go away despite the media's attempts to kill it off but they knew the people were like a dog with a bone and not for letting go.

Duncan MacNeil deserves the same treatment and with SchoolHouse now going after him, the Scottish Government should now cause a hoo ha in parilament and the public (us) should heap the pressure on him and e-mail him and the papers to have a 3-pronged attack on him.

His remarks came at a time when a man was only just beginning to grieve for his three dead children.

This man has to be rooted out as he is not fit to be in the Scottish Parliament. If we allow him to get away with it then there is no standard too low for us to accept.
# cadgers 2010-08-17 16:29
What an ignorant man, what has the 'grayman' to say?. Good on Schoolhouse!!
# 1scot4scotland 2010-08-17 17:14
# Moone 2010-08-17 18:01
If anyone would like to see the Gaelic program "Diomhair-Secret - Scottish indepedendence, North Sea Oil and Westminster" (with subs) The link below will download it. It's 399 mb big and has some fairly shocking revelations contained in it. It was made by BBC Alba and is refreshingly free from Unionist bias.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a look at it on the "Links" tab at the top of the screen before downloading it, as I have a limit on the amount of d/l's per month. Click the links through to YouTube, but it's in six pieces and the quality is not so good.

Its first come first served. Probably best to get in before the unionists consume my bandwidth for the month

It takes a moment to begin downloading so please be patient.


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both free.
# enneffess 2010-08-17 22:09
McNeil has absolutely no sense at all. If you are going to criticise, then what you do is wait until AFTER all the investigations have been carried out. Only then, and most definitely only if fair criticism about home schooling does come out of a report, do you raise the issue.

If I was in Gray's position I would have forced McNeil to make a public apology and also demanded a written apology to the bereaved. A statement in the Scottish Parliament would not go amiss either.

There is a time and place for criticism. But never, ever in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy, no matter who is at fault.

I detect sheer arrogance. Perhaps he has been trying to emulate McNulty.
# sid 2010-08-18 08:54
enneffess morning, agree with all your post bar the last line.
sheer arrogance NO total ignorance YES
# enneffess 2010-08-18 23:01
Ignorance certainly. But with a touch of arrogance since he is refusing to apologise.

But whatever he is, he's an embarrassment (I hate trying to spell that word!)

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