By a Newsnet reporter
London Olympic chiefs have confirmed that the Scottish flag will not be allowed to be flown over Hampden Park when Olympic football matches are taking place at the stadium.
In a move that is sure to spark controversy, it has emerged that under a contract signed by London with the International Olympic Committee, the Saltire will not be allowed to be flown.

The revelation followed an enquiry by SNP MEP Alyn Smith who was concerned that rules governing the staging of the games would have meant that fans attending football matches would not have been allowed even to wave the Scottish flag.

Organisers were forced to admit that whist fans would be allowed into Hampden with Saltires, that it could not be flown over the stadium.

According to the contract signed by the organisers of the London Games, only the Union flag, the London 2012 flag or the Olympic flag will be allowed to fly over Hampden.

Mr Smith called the rule “ridiculous” and "unacceptable" and said:

“It’s still completely ridiculous and unacceptable that Scotland’s national flag is going to be pulled down from its iconic place flying over Scotland’s national stadium.

“The saltire normally – and quite properly – flies above Hampden 365 days of the year.  Forcing it to be taken down in this way will not only anger many home-based supporters, but also disrespects our history and nationhood.”

Mr Smith welcomed the committee’s decision to allow the waving of the Saltire by fans and added:

“I’m naturally pleased that I have managed to pressure the organising committee in London into allowing Scottish games fans to take their national flag in with them.

“Their agreement to give way on this just makes the ban on flying the Saltire over the stadium itself even more farcical.  I hope they see this and reverse this decision too.  It would cost them nothing but earn them huge respect and goodwill.”

Despite Hampden being chosen to host several football matches, the ticket uptake has been disappointing. 

The banning of the national flag from flying over the stadium for the duration of the games will have done little to help promote the events being held in Scotland.  Mr Smith said the Saltire ban “had understandably turned people off purchasing tickets for the games”.

Olympic football has already caused controversy after the English FA’s desire for a ‘team GB’ was rejected by the Associations of the other three home nations.

However, despite the official refusals, the English FA has ignored the wishes of the other Associations and included players from the other nations in a proposed ‘Team GB’.


# the wallace 2012-05-27 00:43
The saltire has a right to fly over hampden,it is after all the home of the scottish FA.
# DoricBob 2012-05-27 00:50
We should tell them to stick their second rate football match up their collective a***s. Who wants it anyway, their trying so hard to be "inclusive" and try to con us into thinking the London Olympics is for us too. it's not and it's a great big yawn from start to finish. Bugger off - we don't need you.
# Louperdowg 2012-05-27 01:07
OT, I'm looking forward to Johann Lamont's comments about Tony Blair liking the company of rich and evil men.

Hopefully, he will head up the No campaign and these matters can be raised with him.
# Ben Power 2012-05-27 22:57
Tone probably only turns up to lead when he thinks he is on a winner, he seems that sort to me.
# edinburgh quine 2012-05-27 01:40
Someone at the launch said, Wastemonster hasn't a clue about Scottish culture or how we tick. It seems the olympic bods are no better. Guess they've been talking to chris hoy
# Diabloandco 2012-05-27 07:12
A bit like Andy Murray being haunted by
" anyone but England " its a tad unfair on Chris Hoy ,I thought his entire premis was that there was nowhere in Scotland for him to train and he was quite happy to be British and cycle under the union flag given the chance.
The youthful cyclists of today will have a velodrome in which to train and I would like to see Sir Chris happily training them.
I suspect he would have enjoyed cycling for Scotland had that been a possibility.
# truth 2012-05-27 08:24
It's not unfair on Chris Hoy.

He is reported to have claimed that if Scotland had been independent he would have had to go to England to train as Scotland wouldn't have the facilities.

It conveniently ignored the fact that his early training was done at meadowbank and that under the union was allowed to crumble and close, and he now has to go to Manchester anyway!

Incidentally it also ignored the fact that the English athletic body spent it's way into oblivion, and the solution was to set up a British one and acquire the assets of the other home nation athletic bodies.

No, Chris Hoy is fair game for his stance on the Union.
# tartanfever 2012-05-27 09:28
I suspect he would have enjoyed cycling for Scotland had that been a possibility.

I'm sure I remember a report that Chris Hoy may not be cycling for Scotland in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games as it disrupts his schedule as their is the Cycling World Championships that season.

I sincerely hope I am wrong.
# J Wil 2012-05-27 08:01
I suspect Cameron does know a lot about Scottish culture and that is even worse as it's deliberate provocation.

Will we get any response from the Scottish Unionists? They were going on big time about the Saltire not belonging to the SNP.

The football games are just crumbs from the table anyway.
# SolTiger 2012-05-27 02:26
Considering how bad the Scottish team is you'd think the last thing the SFA would want would be people knowing where they are.
# Titus 2012-05-27 04:51
Ach weel - that's another few "yes" votes from that daft decision!
Keep it up Westminster,
# Jim Johnston 2012-05-27 05:54
Maybe there is a way of taking legal action....just for the hell of it.

There will be precious few supporters bothering to turn up anyway and as far as I can make out, most Scots are not "much fussed" about the Olympics.

ps. The Saltire will be seen in all its glory anyway in all the empty seats behind the goals. Hahaha
# clootie 2012-05-27 07:48

I forgot about the seats!
# proudscot 2012-05-27 10:46
Quoting Jim Johnston:
Maybe there is a way of taking legal action....just for the hell of it.

There will be precious few supporters bothering to turn up anyway and as far as I can make out, most Scots are not "much fussed" about the Olympics.

ps. The Saltire will be seen in all its glory anyway in all the empty seats behind the goals. Hahaha

Mind you, when either of our big two Glasgow clubs, Celtic or Rangers, are playing at Hampden in any competition, depending on which supporters' flags you view, you'd be excused for thinking our national stadium was situated in either Dublin or Belfast!!!
# hiorta 2012-05-27 06:26
If these interfering foreigners deny our Saltire during their political games, let them play them out on pitches like those on Glasgow Green.
It was good enough for generations of Scots.
# Hearthammer 2012-05-27 07:07
I have sent this letter to both the Scottish & Welsh FAs and would urge others to send their own versions. Please, if you're going to do it, do not send an exact copy of this one.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have just found out that the Saltire will not be flown over our national stadium during the Olympics.

Can you tell me why this rule was agreed to? Hampden is the national stadium of SCOTLAND, not England or GB or the UK or whatever they are calling themselves. Whoever was responsible for agreeing to this travesty should be relieved of their position immediately! How can we possible agree to this? I realise that the national stadium needs to make money, but to have our national flag removed from the stadium is too much.

The SFA should remove Hampden from the competition stadiums immediately.

I shall be circulating this letter to all Scottish newspapers and also to the Welsh FA. This is a ridiculous rule and if allowed to stand, would show the SFA to be an organisation with no self respect!

Withdraw now!

Your faithfully,
# gopher3 2012-05-27 07:19
Since when has London cared about our History or Nationhood.??
# proudscot 2012-05-27 10:49
When they were butchering Wallace at Smoothfield (now Smithfield), gopher.
# UpSpake 2012-05-27 07:20
Hampden like Murrayfield should have a giant flagpole outside the stadia with a hugs Saltire flying from it 24/7, 365 days a year. I have always felt that it was a serious ommission from Murrayfield, I have never been to Hampden but would guess if it could be seen by most inside the staduim then it would be a great boost to morale and national pride.
# RJBH 2012-05-27 07:37
# Jim Johnston 2012-05-27 09:57

May be better to just let the few who will want to be inside Hampden get on with it. The hugh empty terracing will send the message to London Olympics clearly enough.

I seroiusly doubt that the BBC will show an empty Hampden world wide. Bad for the image, don't ya know.
# Hirta 2012-05-27 07:46
Sadly this isn't April 1st.

More people who write to the SFA demanding an explanation why they will remove the Saltire, the better.
# aiberdeen sheep 2012-05-27 07:55
There was no way the Saltire was going to be allowed to fly at games in relation to the Olympics.

I think we all knew that?
# J Wil 2012-05-27 07:55
What is that all about then? The response should be hundreds of Saltires flying in the crowd.

On another matter. Why did the UK do so badly in the Eurovision Song Contest. It looks like the rest of Europe are scunnered with the UK. I blame Cameron for throwing his weight around in Europe and his warmongering.

The contest is well down the list of things important to Scotland, but being tied to a country which is thought of so badly on the international scene is important and anyone who says that there are no politics involved in the contest must be naive.

It's another reason to ditch the UK as Scotland is included as a pariah too.
# border reiver 2012-05-27 07:57
the SFA should defy this rediculous ban and continue to fly the Saltire, the Olymic committe had no right to bargain this away.
The unionist argument that we are stronger together and more influencial on the world stage hit a sour note last night when Englebert, the UK entry came a paltry second from the bottom in the Eurovision song contest with only 12 Points
# clootie 2012-05-27 07:57
I was feeling burnt out after the local elections. I have to thank them for giving me back the motivation level to strive for a YES vote in 2014. It's the little things that remind you of why we are fighting to regain our national freedom.
# edinburghdave 2012-05-27 08:38
Its for this reason most Sclts cant be bothered with the Olympics and I suspect why ticket sales have been so poor for these games.

Any actual nukbers of tickets sold yet?
# Barontorc 2012-05-27 08:41
Anyone criticising athletes who are focussed on only one thing and that is doing their physical best, for avoiding the pi** that would be hurled at them for holding a political opinion is way off the mark.

If you do this then you are politicising sport.

The saltire ban should be ignored and kept aloft! That's officialdom, plain and simple and only worthy of contempt.

Don't pillory these decent young folk.
# Jim Johnston 2012-05-27 10:06
I'm not so sure that it's the original olympic concept that it is to compete that counts. No doubt there are many who will be very satisfied to compete, but the "stars" are all in it to a man / woman for the money. They are all professionals.

The biggest winner of all is of course capitalism and ten a penny politicians past and present. Lord "f*** em" Coe, the poison dwarf, is doing quite nicely, thank you.
# Dunnichen685 2012-05-27 17:50
The olympics is just one big corporate circus. The only ones who benefit from it are big businesses, most of whom are foreign owned. We have to pay for the olympics while they profit from it.

I'm sure I'll not be the only one whose glad when its over.
# alasdairmac 2012-05-27 08:47
SFA email address to make sending your your protest easier: info@scottishfa
# johnlove54 2012-05-27 09:05
I am absolutely raging about our saltire not being allowed to fly over our national stadium, just who the hell do they think they are telling us what do in our own country, I would advise any self respecting scot to fly either the saltire or lion rampant from from their houses or rooftops in protest, this just another nail in the coffin of the unionists. p.s. there is a programme on bbc scotland tonight called the big debate at 10.25pm we should all email this programme about this issue
# jasp303 2012-05-27 09:07
UK isn't participating in the games. Some island called GB is. So why are they flying the UK flag for it? Surely that flag is unrecognised by their own silly rules.

Will Borneo, Tiree, and other world islands be allowed to participate alongside GB?
# Barbazenzero 2012-05-27 10:46
Quoting jasp303:
UK isn't participating in the games. Some island called GB is. So why are they flying the UK flag for it? Surely that flag is unrecognised by their own silly rules.

According to the "impartial" BBC's London 2012: SNP MEP criticises Olympic saltire ban -

Scottish athletes represent Great Britain at the Olympic Games and tickets state there should be no flags of countries not taking part.

Surely the logic of that is that, since the UK is not competing but only "Team GB", use of the post-1801 Union Flag must be banned throughout the island of Great Britain until the games are over and replaced with the pre-1800 Union Flag to represent the "country" which actually existed until the GB and Irish Acts of Union, 1800.
# Mac 2012-05-27 09:11
Does this mean that Scotland has been banned from the Olympics?

We can be sure now that the Olympic Torch will receive a very warm welcome in Scotland as a consequence.

How many Scottish runners will now be wanting to carry the Saltire and see streets lined with Saltires as they run with the torch?
# colin8652 2012-05-27 09:31
probably not many, as far as i'm concerned those running with the torch have already sold thir souls to the union flag.
# sid 2012-05-27 09:14
as has just been stated on the radio the Olympics don't recognise our nation and as such we have no right to fly our flag
(in their opinion)
to anyone planning to attend any of the football matches ensure you have your saltire with you. the bigger the better

also be prepared from some heavy handed stewarding as witnessed in Cornwall when someone had the audacity to turn up to watch the torch relay with the Cornish flag instead of the union jack and ended up in a hedge at the side of the road

PS wonder what would happen if Glasgow 2014 banned the union jack from every commonwealth games event????
# Exile 2012-05-27 12:10
Why should the union flag be at the commnwealth Games anyway? UK/GB does not compete in the Commonwealth Games.
# Nation Libre 2012-05-27 09:15
This is just too much. Never mind the SFA, what about the Scotland Supporters Club saying something about it. They should threaten to boycott Scotland games at Hampden if the Saltire isn't flying during the Olympic matches. If this is how we are treated when there is a referendum due, what would it be like if there's a NO result!
# Zed 2012-05-27 09:20
Surely this means the SFA agreed to this when they let them use Hampden as a venue! The SFA has questions to answer over this!
# Caadfael 2012-05-27 09:21
Whole LOAD of anger on facebook too, small wonder!
About says it all for me!
# velofello 2012-05-27 09:36
Scotland is a member of FIFA and the games at Hampden are football matches. That the IOC have decided to include professional football in the Olympics surely doesn't afford them the right to override the FiFA membership of Scotland and declare that our national flag cannot be displayed in our country?.
The SFA needs take a stand that they will not be dictated to by the London Olympics committee.
In the event of an impasse,moving the matches out of Scotland to elsewhere would be of no loss to Scotland, a few shillings maybe to the SFA but then some principles are worth fighting and paying for.
# J Wil 2012-05-27 12:34
Perhaps the cord on the flagpole will mysteriously disappear and they will have trouble getting the flag down.
# Angus 2012-05-27 09:42
A lot of our problems are back to the Brit media and their painting of the picture to the rest of the world about what a happy 4 nations England is!
# scottish_skier 2012-05-27 09:47
BBC reporting this:

"Scottish athletes represent Great Britain at the Olympic Games and tickets state there should be no flags of countries not taking part."

I thought Scotland was taking part? The MSM have been desperately trying to convinvce us of this.

In terms of the jubilee, olympics etc, the best way to get people in Scotland interested is to take down the union jack bunting and put up some saltire/lion rampant stuff. Stock some Scotland 4 London 2012 mugs etc and you'd probably find the olympics/jubilee asile at Tesco modestly busy rather than empty and forlorn.

Out of interest, will Ireland play Team GB at Hampden? Imagine how awkward that might be in terms of union jack waving...
# seanair.brown69 2012-05-27 10:06
Although Hampden is our "National Stadium" and the SFA has its HQ there, is it not the case that the pitch and buildings belong to Queen's Park FC?

So any "agreement" between the London organisers, the IOC and even the SFA is not binding on a private compny owning the flagpoles.

I hope QPFC will show some gumption and affirm that they will fly the Saltire as usual. What would be the penalty if they they stated this intention? Switch the game elsewhere?---too late. Fine the club for flying the flag of Scotland in Scotland? Then you would really see fur flying!

Go for it QP---most of Scotland will be right behind you!
# Aucheorn 2012-05-27 10:41
How do we lobby QPFC ?
After all if it's their stadium they choose what flags go on their poles.
# Barbazenzero 2012-05-27 13:32
Quoting scottish_skier:
Out of interest, will Ireland play Team GB at Hampden? Imagine how awkward that might be in terms of union jack waving...

It wouldn't be awkward if Team GB were using the correct, pre-1801, union flag, which they should have been using since 1924, when Ireland first competed under the tricolour.

In fact, Lord Coe should be making a very public apology for team GB having used the wrong union flag at every Olympics since Antwerp 1920.
# J Wil 2012-05-27 10:01
I see many comments in the press to the effect that this is an insignicifcant topic, but people hve died for flags and it cannot just be dismissed like that. Flags are flown all over the palce and especially at Internation meetings where not to fly s countries flag would be taken as an insult. On the humerous side it used to be said that some countries displaying table top flags would make a point of having their flag taller than any others.
# Angus 2012-05-27 10:04
Tescos are full of the Union jacks. I remember when Lidls did the same several years ago, so the mrs and I wrote off in German, to their German HQ, we got a nice reply, two days later all union jacks were removed and replaced with Saltires!
# RaboRuglen 2012-05-29 18:24
Hi Angus,

I've noticed that Lidl seldom have "Union Jack" promotions and that there are usually Saltires everywhere. Its all down to folk like you and the Missus.

Well done.

Next in the sights - Tesco and Morrison.

# Dundonian West 2012-05-27 10:12
STV has it on-line.
610 LIKES.64 TWEETS at 12.15pm.
A poster has put in this newsnetscotland link!
# mealer 2012-05-27 11:29
The football games at Hampden offer a great opportunity for pro-independence demonstrations outside the ground when the foreign fans are arriving.Saltires and "end london rule" banners will give a clear message to visitors to Scotland.
# Hirta 2012-05-27 11:31
He seems not to update his twitter page too often, however if we all start to bombard him with our thoughts, you never know!!/sebcoe
# proudscot 2012-05-27 11:35
Hopefully we won't ever again be in this situation after the 2014 "yes" vote. After that, what's left of the Westminster ruled parts of the former UK can fly whichever flags they prefer. And no-one will be able to dictate to us where and when we can fly our Saltire.
# Exile 2012-05-27 12:13
Nobody could dictate NOW if the SFA would grow a pair.
# Willow 2012-05-27 11:44
I'm totally annoyed about this, there's one thing flying the Olympic flag & if we must the Union flag, but we should not have to remove our National flag.

I raised my Saltire 4ft above my shed on Friday, perhaps others should do the same?

In fact it would be great if everyone who signed the declaration joined me in flying our national flag!

"A film producer behind a highly rated Gaelic movie has resigned from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta) after it failed to put forward his work for an Oscar."
# Exile 2012-05-27 12:15
Don't understand it. How could a film in Gaelic be put forward for an Oscar in the 'best foreign language film' category? Gaelic ain't a foreign language.
# Aplinal 2012-05-27 13:06
Well it certainly is to the Oscars board in the good ole US of A. And it certainly isn't English,is it?
# Exile 2012-05-29 18:37
This was about the Bafta awards, not the Oscars.
# Willow 2012-05-27 15:16
Hi Exile,

I agree Gaelic isn't a foreign language here although it's sadly become that to many of us in Scotland.

As far as films go I think they come under the category "foreign language" if they require to use subtitles. I'm not absolutely sure on that, but it's something to do with it.

Perhaps someone else can clarify it?
# Exile 2012-05-29 18:39
Thanks Willow.

By the way, NNS, why can I not post 2 comments in quick succession?
# Taysider 2012-05-27 11:47
It is disgraceful that the flying of the SAltire is to be banned at Hampden during Olympic Football Matches. I hope this will be strongly protested right up to the start and if need be to the end of the Olympic Football at Hampden. It is ridiculous of the BBC to connect the fact that a so called Great Britain team compete at the Olympics with banning the flying of the Saltire at Scotland's national football stadium. The treatment of the Cornish flag at Saltash will be repeated with the Saltire in Scotland I have no doubt.
# johnp 2012-05-27 11:49
Just the Saltire or are the English, Welsh and Northern Irish flags included in this 'ban'? I think someone should get someone clarification on this or it looks like we're just whinging while the others aren't bothered about it.
# snowthistle 2012-05-27 11:59
Think it's all of them. There was a bit of a stushie about the Cornish flag not being aloud at an olympic torch event.
To be truthful, I'm not happy about this and just because the English, Welsh and Northern Irish aren't bothered doesn't make it right in my view.
# Marga B 2012-05-27 12:31
Boycot the national anthem by whistling over it:
# west_lothian_questioner 2012-05-27 16:27
That could backfire in many quarters, some of them in Scotland.
I'd recommend silence. Let the band play, but the choir (the crowd) stay quiet... maybe with a mass of waving saltires to give the BBC something to show pictures of.
# Leal 2012-05-27 12:43
No sure why anyone would want to fly a saltire near team GB. Not seen a single bonnie blue in the propaganda(adve rtizing campaign) so far. Don't think there are any former players selling their jersey for that flag anyhow. Let the Team GB folk continue with this imperialism. It shows them for what they are.
# Dundonian West 2012-05-27 13:16
Leal.Well said. "Let the Team GB folk continue with this imperialism".
Give them enough rope,etc etc.
# Alibi 2012-05-27 13:47
Tell them either the saltire flies above Hampden or they can take their games elsewhere.
# Dundonian West 2012-05-27 14:25
OT.SNP lower drink drive limit.Another piece of proposed commonsense legislation.
Roll on to YES in Referendum 2014.
# hiorta 2012-05-27 15:50
This debate is merely a symptom of a much wider issue: The West minster question - why is it right for England to have self-determination, but not Scotland?

There is absolutely no point in protesting as that merely results in reacting to a dead empire. We simply ignore them and do as we see fit.
# Barontorc 2012-05-27 17:13
Keep the saltire flying high above Scotland's National Stadium - or tell wee snidey Lord Coe to take his pathetic football games elsewhere.

Flying the saltire's not important - oh, yeah! - Remember Al Megrahi's return to Tripoli and the marine signal flags, which look like saltires but are the wrong shade of blue and of the wrong dimensions This was picked up by wee Glenn Campbell who also described Kenny MacAskill as “the toast of Tripoli” on the evening of Megrahi’s release.

Oh, yeah - the flag's important all right! People have died for it.
# Welsh Sion 2012-05-27 17:32
Snowthistle @ 12:59

"To be truthful, I'm not happy about this and just because the English, Welsh and Northern Irish aren't bothered doesn't make it right in my view."

Oh yes we are! This affects us too!

Join the new group on Facebook set up by my namesake and occasional poster here. (Sorry, Sion, I seem to have pipped you to this one... But thanks for your invitation to me.)

# snowthistle 2012-05-27 18:05
Glad to hear it Sion!
# Dunnichen685 2012-05-27 17:39
One thing that annoys me about the SFA stance on the whole Team GB issue is that if the SFA is opposed (quite rightly IMO) to the whole concept of a football team GB then why allow a scottish football ground to be used for Olympic matches ?
The SFA is clearly putting money before principles. The SFA should have nothing at all to do with the olympic football tournament whatsoever.
# colin8652 2012-05-27 17:47
what with the Rangers fiasco and now this the SFA have to have a good look at them selves and start to listen to the fans rather than the bank managers. The plug should be pulled on this farce, i'm quite sure these games could be moved to england easily
# Welsh Sion 2012-05-27 17:52

"... I'm quite sure these games could be moved to England easily."

And likewise the women's football from Caerdydd/Cardiff, right?

A Londonian vanity project with a few sops to the Celtic nations - and then denying their populations (who subsidise the Games in the first place) the right to fly their own flags, be they from Kernow, Cymru or Alba.

There is indeed something rotten in this state of a Disunited Kingdom. The sooner it is buried the better.
# Alx1 2012-05-27 18:21
My comments are going missing again.
# Hamish100 2012-05-27 22:06
According to a spokesperson --we will be allowed to fly the saltire providing it is not politicised? !

Every day the Union flag flies above Edinburgh is a political statement -- toe the line!

The Olympics are politicised up to the hilt-- remember Moscow , Los Angeles etc etc. Men in Brown suites and Swiss bank accounts is the Olympic ideal-- individual atheletes are just the nights entertainment
# aniakovas 2012-05-28 10:42
I don't care about football, I don't live in Scotland and I'm not Scottish.

This flag thing is just another example of large business interests running rough-shod over the concerns of the larger public and you lot should not take it lying down. Scotland is a pretty great place and its' identity should not be shoved aside because a few businessmen decide that it's too political.

Irrespective of any other opinion I hold about independence, voting in parliament, or anything else, it is grossly unfair to make this flag come down because of the Olympics. It's just not on.
# Ard Righ 2012-05-28 12:48
Firstly, foreign event organisers do not have say on who flies what and where, that is inexcusable arrogance and ignorance.
Secondly and more importantly; since the advent of devolution, all public buildings and events maintain the right to fly the saltire in Scotland. It is only a matter of building management.
# Triangular Ears 2012-05-29 14:47
Well, there will be several Saltires flying from my windows, and I'm on the main road outside Hampden.

I might also put up "End London Rule" on my windows. I have enough of them. I have 16 window panes facing on to the main road. What 16 character phrase should I put up, one letter per pane? :)
# lumilumi 2012-05-29 18:16
I've been dipping in and out of the BBC torchcam (the live online feed of the Olympic torch relay), mainly because it's a great way of seeing the scenery and towns and villages, almost like being driven around, and also spotting places where I've been (I also used to watch Tour de France live as an extended travel ad for France, before all the doping got too much for me).

Anyway, for the past few days the torch relay has been in Wales. Lots of Welsh flags being waved or flying by the roadside, green, red and white bunting... One day even one of the official torch relay vans had a big Welsh flag draped over its back window, very visible on the torchcam during the "convoy" sections. Now, I think the torch relay is organised by Seb Coe's outfit LOGOC, directly answerable to the IOC. The same bodies who want to deny the Saltire.

If the Olympic torch relay can display Welsh flags, why can't the Saltire fly alongside the Olympic flag and the Union Jack in Hampden?
# lumilumi 2012-05-29 19:47
This flag question also got me interested in what happened 100 years ago, the Stockhom Olympics in 1912. (Finland only became independent in 1917.)

I know that the Grand Duchy of Finland had its own team, separate from the Imperial Russian team, and they swept many medals with runners like Hannes Kolehmainen and wrestrels and others, I don't think Finland has ever been as succesful in the summer Olympics. But which flag did we fly?

The answer is very disappointing although also a bit funny. Finland didn't have a generally agreed national flag at the time! The Finnish team marched after the imperial Russian team with just a sign 'Finland', and when Finland beat Russia in football (!!!), the organisers hoisted the Russian flag, with a white banner underneath it 'Finland vunnit' (Finland won).

Our dearly beloved 'blue cross' flag was only made official after independence in 1918, modelled on the yachting banners of certain independence-minded 19th century yachting clubs!

The Saltire has a much longer and prouder history, and it's a travesty if it can't be flown. (Another union benefit?)

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