By a Newsnet reporter
On Friday, First Minister Alex Salmond gave a keynote speech at the Edinburgh TV Festival. 
The subject of Mr Salmond’s address was broadcasting in Scotland and why control should move from London to Edinburgh.

The First Minister explained that, in his opinion Westminster control of public service broadcasting was out of date, and that even if Scots opted to remain in the Union, post 2014, control of Scotland’s broadcasting should move north.

He went on to say that an independent Scotland would build on the existing BBC Scotland infrastructure and staff to create a broadcaster fit for the new Scotland.  An important speech, and one that was picked up by every Scottish newspaper.

On the same day former Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave a speech at Holyrood’s festival of politics where he attacked the idea of independence and claimed the Union offered social benefits that underpinned the welfare system.  Mr Brown’s speech was similar to one he gave eleven days earlier at the Edinburgh Book Festival, one that was covered by that evening’s Reporting Scotland.

Both newsworthy speeches, there’s no doubt.  But only one though was fresh news, that of Mr Salmond.

One would have thought then that BBC Scotland’s reporting of the respective speeches would have reflected the fact that Mr Brown was effectively repeating the arguments he had made eleven days previously, a speech that had been prominently covered at the time on Reporting Scotland.  Indeed Brown had been given ‘top billing’ on the 13th August in that his speech formed the basis of the political item.

Gordon Brown on Reporting Scotland - 13th August

However Friday’s programme was rather bizarre, in that it was Mr Brown’s speech that was deemed the more important by the producer of Reporting Scotland.  Faced with two speeches, one with a pro-independence narrative and one with a pro-Union narrative, the pro-Union speech was chosen to lead the political item.

The former Labour leader was shown striding the Holyrood chamber as he addressed the audience - his words very clearly audible as he extolled the virtues of the Union.

Worse than that, coverage of Mr Salmond’s speech was limited to a few seconds of silent video.  What did Mr Salmond say?  If you were a typical viewer of Reporting Scotland, the chances are you still don’t know.

Incredibly, the BBC Scotland report contained not one word of what Mr Salmond had said on broadcasting, and no explanation from the reporters, with both Sally Magnusson and Glenn Campbell avoiding mention of the First Minister's views on broadcasting.

When Mr Salmond was eventually allowed to speak to camera, he was shown responding to a small section of Gordon Brown’s speech.

The whole item was curious and gave the impression of having been very carefully managed.  It wasn’t helped by placing a clip of performers at the Edinburgh Festival who chanted about “lies” immediately after Mr Salmond’s response to Mr Brown was shown.

The item was questionable on several levels, not least due to the fact that Scotland’s First Minister was deemed secondary to a former Labour leader and PM whose views had already featured prominently on the same programme 11 days earlier.

When Gordon Brown made his first speech at the Edinburgh Book Festival attacking independence and Devo-max, Reporting Scotland covered the speech together with video clips and sound.  An SNP spokesman, Humza Yousaf, was then shown responding to Mr Brown.

Eleven days later it was the First Minister’s chance to set the narrative with his speech on broadcasting and one would have expected, given the need for balance and Brown’s recent ‘top billing’, that BBC Scotland would have provided the First Minister with the same platform.

However they didn’t, and not only did they allow Brown to take centre stage again by appearing first in the slot with footage of his speech, they then compounded it by refusing to show any footage of Mr Salmond’s speech.

How Reporting Scotland covered Alex Salmond and Gordon Brown on the 24th August

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see what was wrong here.  The many Scots who rely on the tea time news programme for their political information were denied the chance to hear the First Minister’s views on broadcasting.

Instead they were once again shown Gordon Brown making a ‘positive’ speech in defence of the Union with the independence side on the ‘defensive’.  The SNP were again relegated to simply responding to Brown - the impression given of course was that Brown was setting the pace and the SNP on the back foot and playing catch-up.

The item drew attention once again to the editorial decision making at BBC Scotland that is leaving viewers short-changed as the debate over Scotland’s future rages. 

How is it that the nation’s broadcaster can so blatantly manipulate the news agenda to the extent that the First Minister’s views on broadcasting are denied to the very audience that would be affected should his ideas be implemented?

Could it have been anything to do with the fact that Salmond’s speech would have put the BBC at the centre of the independence debate, if only for a number of days?

Last week Newsnet Scotland held private discussions with someone from the National Union of Journalists.  Much of our informal talks centred on the quality of debate around the referendum and the opportunities the ‘great debate’ presented to Scottish culture and Scottish journalism – BBC Scotland cutbacks also featured.

Friday’s Reporting Scotland had the smell of an agenda and looked as though it had been very carefully manipulated in order to sideline the First Minister and thus, restrict the impact of his words. 

This effective suppression of Mr Salmond's speech by Reporting Scotland, and the lack of mature explanation of his words, meant that the following day’s newspapers were able to re-package the speech and present it in negative terms such as ‘break up BBC’ (Herald), ‘Break up the beeb’ (Record), ‘BBC output would be cut’ (Scotsman) and ‘I’ll break up the BBC’ (Sun).

That the speech was covered by BBC online does not negate the fact that Reporting Scotland provides most working class Scots with their political news.  Many of these people will have learned only of the First Minister’s speech through the medium of the Scottish newspaper - not the most balanced source.

BBC Scotland really ought to take heed of the changing landscape they are trying hard to ignore.  The debate over broadcasting is a fundamental part of the great debate.

If Scotland’s First Minister isn’t allowed to be heard on the most watched news programme in Scotland, then who is?

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# xyz 2012-08-26 10:24
Ah well you see .. propaganda by the BBC is another reserved matter.

Solutions anyone?
# Robabody 2012-08-26 10:36
First class article exposing the oftime bitter and twisted BBC (Scotland) at work. And what a piece of work they are.
# Soloman 2012-08-26 10:42
Mr GB seems to keep banging on about social justice! Has he not realised yet that students in England are now paying tuition fees, the NHS in England is near collapse and we've all been told there will be no retirement at age 65!
Social justice for who exactly?
# Leswil 2012-08-26 10:44
Perhaps in the view that the BBC are relentless in their bias, the demonstrations at Pacific Quay should be restarted.

However, this time by SNP membership en-mass. The BBC seem only accountable to Westminster and the Unionist cronies and are clearly betraying the Scottish people.

How else but ever larger demonstrations to be noticed by the world, will have any effect whatsoever.

The the English owned newspaper groups who also run daily biased articles and a Unionist spin to all things Scottish. They also need held to account.

They are wholly letting the Scottish people down with their clear and declared Unionist agenda.

Maybe the way to get them held to account would be to have demonstrations at the NJU headquarters.

Such a move may embarrass them into calling for unbias reporting to their members in order to draw the attention away from themselves.
As honest journalism is surely one of the tragedies of continuous bias reporting.

Let us call it betrayal of the good Scottish people, for that is what it surely is.

A focus on how to stop this rot is now in order.
# cjmasta 2012-08-26 14:55
Tomorrow I will be outside pacific Quay with a plaque. BBC PROPAGANDA " POWER RESERVED TO WESTMINSTER" THERE IS NO SCOTTISH MEDIA! Maybe on the other side " BBC IS BRITISH NOT SCOTTISH" WE`RE A COUNTRY, NOT A REGION!" I`m lucky I live nearby but I feel strongly on this matter and if I have to stand alone so be it but I know there`s plenty others who feel the same and I can definitely see a point in the next 2 years where the BBC has to answer to the fact why there`s hundreds of people outside their offices angry at their propaganda on behalf of the union. I`m off to buy the stuff I need to make my plaque. Can`t take the xenophobia anymore we have to endure as part of the bitter together union
# redcliffe 2012-08-26 10:44
Sad that salmond's viws were not heard.

Hard to believe there is not an editorial agenda, but perhaps the beeb will be fairer next time and it wil be shown to be an accident

Not holding my breath though.
# Shagpile 2012-08-26 11:00
Salmond's words not even worthy to be spoken by an actor as Gerry Adams were.... Ah well, I'm sure they have their reasons.
# isleofskye 2012-08-26 11:06
Perhaps it's time for NNS to start a petition - this would ensure the content and aims are clear, well-written and agreed by its volunteer committee. Avaaz has set up a new community petition feature, and has tackled many global issues with success. I don't imagine the BBC will want its integrity questioned on a world wide stage...and it's time to take this blatant partiality to a wider audience than Pacific Quay
# Mark MacLachlan 2012-08-26 11:09
The 'what if it's all lies' from the charming student performers at the Fringe was political chicanery of the worst order. As to not hearing what Salmond had to say might be down to the exclusivity deal the Beeb have with the Guardian who sponsor and run the TV Festival. Here's an edited clip of what he did say:

and of much greater interest here's a collection of festival delegates responses to the speech and Q&A.
# hiorta 2012-08-26 11:14
Is there any other country in the EU that is compelled to have hostile foreigners manipulating their news services?

The BBC are not fit for purpose.
# cjmasta 2012-08-26 15:59
Probably not, we`re a country! Not a region. There must be something that can be done? Not going to happen though, we pay for the BBC to be one of the big media controllers on the planet to spread propaganda on behalf of the british political establishment. Isn`t it great to be part of a world power, of course our interests are trampled over but it`s all for the greater good of the world. Look how we delivered democracy to iraq and afghanistan .
# Siôn Jones 2012-08-26 16:28
# rhymer 2012-08-26 11:20
Is there no legal recourse that will allow for a balanced
reporting of the news ?

Can the SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT not enact some form of legislation that will "measure" any obvious bias and punish the Beeb for transgressing (e.g. A 60 second on-air retraction and apology).
Or if a news story is not released to the public then more of the same punishments are meted out until their constant apologies show the Beeb to be stupidly bias.

I know broadcasting is a reserved matter BUT there must be something that can be done to stop this disgusting censorship.
# UpSpake 2012-08-26 11:35
Just as the Union with England is no longer 'fit for purpose' neither is the state propagandist the BBC in Scotland.
If no SNP politician gave an interview to the BBC then they would have nothing to manipulate. In days it would become obvious to everyone that there was a problem especially if every other news network covered the SNP and any other independence minded individual/party.
# Adrian B 2012-08-26 12:08
Sorry UpSpake,

not giving interviews would backfire spectacularly. The BBC presenter would say 'we asked for a member of the SNP to come on this show, but none were available. We have not been given a statement by the SNP....'

It would look to many viewers as the SNP were hiding something, the Unionists would then pile more pressure on said issue and no further comment would come from the SNP. In the minds of viewers, the SNP would look bad.
# Training Day 2012-08-26 11:40
We should rid ourselves of any expectation that BBC Scotland will see the light of day, admit bias and attempt to be more even-handed. The controlling cartel at Pacific Quay have carte blanche from London to behave as they do, and pressure and protests about their bias makes them more determined to be even less subtle in their partiality than before. I think they actually enjoy our outrage with the impunity of those who see themselves as fireproof and protected by the UK establishment.

We must focus on getting our message to people directly and worry less about the BBC, for they will not change. And I say this as someone who attended the first protest.
# Clydebuilt 2012-08-26 21:25
Quoting Training Day:
We must focus on getting our message to people directly and worry less about the BBC, for they will not change. And I say this as someone who attended the first protest.

Absolutely Correct

email this article to contacts

Ask them to pass it on

Increase the circulation of NNS
# tartanfever 2012-08-26 11:46
Good article, but what is not mentioned here is that the BBC will not broadcast anything that vaguely concerns itself - especially at this time when we see a change in the director-general and recent claims of 'bias' by both labour and the tories. The BBC are on the defensive, similar to what happened over the 'blogs' - they couldn't take the criticism therefore they just cut the outlet.

That even carries through to football. Recently the BBC has given major news coverage over the SPL tv deal with Sky and ESPN but completely failed to acknowledge their own deal which has just been renegotiated this season. So whilst happily reporting and giving opinion over the reduction in football tv sponsorship, from Sky and ESPN they completely ignored the fact that they themselves are embroiled in the middle of this story.

The new BBC deal over the English Premier League was widely reported in all the newspapers and by the BBC itself, yet I defy anyone to try and find info on the new Scottish football deal. I would think it's being hidden out of embarrassment at it's paltry figure.

What they (BBC London) are afraid of here is that members of the public, shocked at the failings London centric programming will start calling for Barnett formula type equations to be used in distributing funding more fairly across all the regions of the UK.

The BBC website report on AS's speech at the tv festival was only a couple of paragraphs, and even though the headline used referred to his speech, the actual story soon veered off into Brown's speech at Holyrood and then bizarrely onto his call for the R&A to admit women. It was damage limitation from the BBC - they had to cover the story, but they did so with the absolute minimum and mixed it in amongst other items in an attempt to dilute public interest. It's nothing but subterfuge.

Interestingly though, the BBC were happy to run extensive coverage of Elisabeth Murdoch's Friday night speech supporting the licence fee.
# UpSpake 2012-08-26 11:52
Oh. And the Scots government should ban the BBC from broadcasting FMQ's and any other parliamentary business. Give STV a shot.
# Rabbie 2012-08-26 11:52
STV News haes the BBC left at the stertin line. For yer Scottish News ye get the chyce o Edinburgh, Glesgae or Aiberdeen centred news an the sae-cried National news fae ITV disnae soond ocht like thon toffee nosed lot at the Beeb. E'en the Beeb's "Scottish" soap, River City, juist soonds like a copy o Eastenders wi a Scottish accent.

A've no peyed the BBC for mair nor 16 year noo an it's a guid job for A've no watched it muckle aither apairt fae the odd shawin o "Dad's Army".
# From The Suburbs 2012-08-26 12:15
Keep writing to MSM about BBC censorship and political bias at every opportunity. That is what the Unionists are doing.

Not much coverage in MSM of the Tories Together "Day of Action".
# Davy 2012-08-26 12:19
Aye the statement from our First Minster will have put willies right up BBBC Scotland. The very idea that an independent Scotland will have a independent broadcaster based on the equipment and facilites of the current BBC in our country will have them crapping it.

Dont be surprised as the time nears for the referendum that we seen a change in attitude from certain people in the current Scottish BBC setup as the reality of independence hits home, and they can see the door closing for them.
# ButeHouse 2012-08-26 12:21
# redcliffe 2012-08-26 11:44 says:

Sad that Salmond's views were not heard.

But it's far worse than 'SAD', it's criminal and if something major isn't done it will NEVER change and the referendum will be lost.

The petition mentioned in isleofskye's post could be a useful start but I feel that either full scale demos at Pacific Quay with thousands of nats - which not even the BBC could ignore and/or a weekly podcast filmed by Equinox and featuring Alex Salmond and any other SNP/YES campaigner with something important to say could begin to gain leverage in the way NNS has.

Do nothing and we are constantly fighting an uphill battle which will deplete our physical and financial resources before the Referendum day.

Why doesn't Yusef and Ewan Crawford get a committe together to come up with ideas to publicises this major democratic deficit in Scottish life?

# westie7 2012-08-26 13:29
[quote name="ButeHouse"]# redcliffe 2012-08-26 11:44 says:

Sad that Salmond's views were not heard.

But it's far worse than 'SAD', it's criminal and if something major isn't done it will NEVER change and the referendum will be lost.





considering all the news over the summer, the various bits and bobs from YES Scotland, practically none has been reported....

Its been a summer of orchestrated media silence from MSM/BBC etc
# cjmasta 2012-08-26 17:05
Constantly on the back foot thanks in part to the BBC
# J Wil 2012-08-26 12:30
It is direct and unequivocal evidence that BBC Scotland are pursuing a biased agenda in spite of the terms of their broadcasting code of ethics. When are they going to be drawn up on this?


It's being reported that the parliament building in Westminster is to be renovated. Last night it was said that the cost would be £5b. Today its been revised to £3b. Either way the sums are staggering and, no doubt, a good proportion of the cost will be travelling south, but as one pundit put it, 'it's got to be done right.'

It's not clear if this includes the cost of having another venue whilst the renovations are done, or the cost of setting up a complete security system around around the temporary venue.

With a bit of luck independence will allow us to dodge this one.
# kenneth_clark336 2012-08-26 12:36
So, Gordon Brown tells us the Union guarantees our right to unemployment benefit. What about jobs Gordon? What about ambition, purpose. A population happy that it's Government looks after everyone under it's sphere of influence to the betterment of everyone. Good God! Is this the best this dinosaur can offer the Scottish people? And what if the Tory Government decides you're not worth supporting financially, unlike their fat cat chums, what do we do then? Questions, questions, yet no answers from this man or from any Westminster politician of any political hue. Vote YES!!
# Rafiki 2012-08-26 13:11
I saw the BBC 6.30 news and was struck at how Gordon Brown was allowed to regurgitate his words from last week, while Alex Salmond's appearance was trivialised by clips from the Festival Fringe, deemed more important by the BBC editor.
Since Mr Salmond's speech was about broadcasting and how we will maintain the Scottish part of the BBC one might think this was the current staff handing in their notice.
Reminds me of the closing lines of The Laird's Prayer; "And should the Gaels return, and I am forced to flee, Let me be down in London town, nearer my God to Thee. Nearer, my God to Thee".
# Silverytay 2012-08-26 13:13
After davidson,s rant I thought that the b.b.c bias demo groups were right to call off the demos but now I am beginning to change my mind .
Surely there is someone within the pro independence movement who has the know how to hold the b.b.c account .
While we all know that the b.b.c regularly breach their own charter are they not in breach of some u.n or c.o.e charter by their pro union biased reporting ?
# Online Editor 2012-08-26 13:42
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# Tinyzeitgeist 2012-08-26 13:57
It is clear to me that the BBC is now directly interfering in the democratic process in Scotland. However, many others in the wider population seem either incapable or unwilling to engage in any form of critical thinking - about most things. This allows the BBC and the MSM to engage in a deliberate policy of distortion, obfuscation and lying to support the corporate oligarchy that is now westminster.
# Barontorc 2012-08-26 14:43
There is reason, which is becoming more compelling, as the dossier of bias and underspend being forced on Scottish licence payers grows seemingly unfettered and daily.

It has been said before that the Scottish Government should decriminalise non-payment of the TV licence on the basis that Scottish viewers may declare they have no interest in watching any BBC production, but that they do want to view other channels on a TV they own, having bought and paid for it.

It is absurd that the BBC should demand a licence be paid, under threat of legal proceedings, from viewers who have refused to watch BBC productions, whatever the principle behind the viewers refusal may be.

I would think such an action by the SNP Scottish Government would be a welcome and punitive adjustment to remove this absurd coercion by the BBC.

It may well be a sure-fire vote winner also.
# border reiver 2012-08-26 15:53
Its going to be hard to get the BBC to be objective as its obvious they have the backing of westminster and the mainstream media.
Maybe Blair Jenkins will be able influence a more balanced approach but dont hold your breath.
More and more people are becoming aware of the unionist propeganda and we should consider social media sites like twitter/facebook by making your posts as objective as possible, with links to relevant information and sources etc. Barack Obama use this method very successfully in his election campaign with great success. Only trouble is that there are still lots that believe the BBC so we can but try
# UpSpake 2012-08-26 16:30
Barontorc. De-Criminalisation of the License Tax, as is now defined by the ONS and their assessment that the BBC is now a department of state, is the first action of the SDA.
Thereafter the BBC service will be encrypted and offered to Scottish subscribers on a pay per view basis. Those who don't want any BBC programming whatsoever simply save the 145.50 or whatever it is.
Free choice is what its all about not penalising people who can't/won't pay.
# Barontorc 2012-08-26 17:19
Upspake - bias is a fundamental issue.

If we cannot feel assured that the BBC is doing its Chartered duty, as the sole public broadcasting service for the UK and for Scotland, as part of that UK, it is surely a very serious accusation.

To be mis-informing the populous of news and events, either by omission or by deliberate editing of the truth and being publicly criticised on a regular basis is surely a breach of human rights.

To demand a tax from every TV set owner in the UK, whilst operating a defective service, which to some is no more than propagandist with full intent, surely compounds any offence.

I believe it is time for the Scottish Government to demand action on the dossier placed before Chris Patton, Director General of the BBC sometime earlier this year, with notice that payment and collection of the BBC licence would not be compulsory within Scotland.
# km 2012-08-26 16:32
Was watching some YouTube videos on this, and found a clip of Richard Baker saying that the Better Together campaign would publish on their website all donations of more than £7,500.

Having just checked their website,, there is no facility to view donations. Also, if you click on the "Donate" button, it only says, "...we will periodically publish the name of anyone who gives more than £7,500 on our website..."

What does "periodically" mean? Blink and you miss it? And is it just me, or is the wording slightly suspicious, "...publish the name of anyone..."? Does this exclude corporations? Or political parties?
# Bob Kingdom of Fife 2012-08-26 18:02
The only way to bring this british broadcasting company to ' boot ' is by their ' public charter ' citing their abysmal record on political coverage in Scotland,giving instances of political bias in favour of the ' unionist parties ' here in Scotland , ignoring and mis-representing all others ie, Nationalist's , the Green party , Solidarity,etc.Alba Gu Brath and vote ' Aye ' for INDEPENDENCE.
# Marian 2012-08-26 22:07
The BBC's claims to be impartial are laughable.

Firstly the BBC was truly emasculated by Labour and its PR bagman during the fallout from the Iraq WMD/late Dr Kelly/Andrew Gilligan affair.

Secondly it appears that there has been deliberate and systematic infiltration by Labour acolytes and cronies into positions that control the news editorial agenda of the BBC.

Finally there is no doubt that Labour spin doctors press releases are routinely re-spun by the BBC as fact without any serious attempt to check or challenge and Labour's politicians bully the rare BBC interviewer who dares to challenge Labour's spin.
# J Wil 2012-08-26 23:00
The article referenced below makes a very interesting read. It's about the BBC's cover up of a report which they commissioned. It's all about BBC bias!

It seems they have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of licence money in their determination to prevent the public getting hold of it.
# Roll_On_2011 2012-08-27 05:31
Aye JW and here is another blast from the past:

MPs to set up broadcast committee (October 2008)

Former Scotland Office minister David Cairns is to set up an all-party group at Westminster to look at the issue.

Scotland has its own parliament but broadcasting is still reserved to Westminster, although some MPs feel the initiative has been lost to Holyrood.

The Scottish Government recently sponsored a commission chaired by Blair Jenkins to look at the future of Scottish broadcasting.
# Breeks 2012-08-27 06:20
As far as I'm concerned, the BBC has sold out its integrity very cheaply.

If suppressing the Balen report is taken as an example, then I'm quite, quite wrong.

The BBC hasn't just sold out it's integrity cheaply, it seems it's actually paying a lot of money to have it taken away.

I'm glad a Free Scotland will be rid of the BBC. The day can't come soon enough.

I didn't know about these reports. I'd never heard of the Balen Report until now. Perhaps something we can do is make sure that the Equinox program makers have reminders and credible sources for this type of information.
# G. Campbell 2012-08-27 07:46
A spokesman for BBC Scotland said: "Possible future structures for broadcasting in Scotland in the context of the current independence debate are not something the BBC will comment on at the moment.

"As an organisation the BBC is impartial, and in this case the BBC is linked to the issue itself."

Richard Klein, the BBC4 controller, said: "I can't imagine the services will be as good. We have a lot of money you can amalgamate, amortise."

The BBC executive went on to compare a potential Scottish broadcaster to Irish public broadcaster, RTE – held up by Salmond as one model for an independent Scottish public service broadcaster. "I do a lot of work with RTE, they are rather envious of the financial standing of the BBC," Klein said.

"Some thought Mr Salmond's timing was unfortunate, at the moment when the Olympics has made the BBC as popular as it's ever been."
# Barontorc 2012-08-27 10:00
Thanks G Campbell for the link - even the Guardian sees fit to comment that .."Her intervention is a clear sign that Labour believes there is political capital to be made in defending unity of the BBC ahead of an independence referendum vote in 2014..."

It's becoming crystal clear, as every unionist politician is proving in their unstinting defence of the BBC, that it is set-up and working as a propaganda tool.

Is this not indication enough that the UK Public Broadcaster is flying against its own Charter for impartiality and fair reporting of the truth. Misinformation is happening. Imbalanced reporting is happening. Production editing is happening to misrepresent pro-independence items.

Democratic functioning is under concerted attack and this must be a clear abuse of human rights.
# xyz 2012-08-27 09:54
Douglas Fraser invites you to Contribute to the debate on Twitter @BBCDouglsFrase r

"The other themes to which the first minister returned included his support for Gaelic broadcasting, underlining how it's built audience.

And he had praise for ground made up in Scotland's deficit on BBC programme-making spend, up from 3.5% in 2006 to 9% last year (now ahead of population share)."

Hmm ..
We need an analysis of what our money is being spent on at the BBC.
# Breeks 2012-08-27 11:19
[quote name="xyz"]Douglas Fraser invites you to Contribute to the debate on Twitter....quote]

Aye, but if he doesn't like what you say you'll be silenced and your comments written by an actor.
# xyz 2012-08-27 18:40
lol .. Twitter seems to be unsuitable for discussions somehow. Tweets tend to disappear into the mists of time in a very few minutes.
# the wallace 2012-08-27 15:24
I still say cancelling the protests at pathetic quay was hasty,i think they should be reintriduced asap.
# Clydebuilt 2012-08-27 21:52
Quoting the wallace:
I still say cancelling the protests at pathetic quay was hasty,i think they should be reintriduced asap.

Aye it was hasty to call of action against BBC Bias,

What was being achieved , workers at the beeb know they're biased.
Almost no members of the public see the demonstrators.
So i'm not conviced there's much reason to continue with things at pathetic quay.

We need to educate as many voters as possible. At Pathetic quay the only members of the public that see the demonstrators are on tourist busses, that turn up every 30 mins or so.

The MSM aren't interested, there were 150 at the first demo, got no mention, Last weeks anti gay marriage demo against the scottish government had 24 people according to raymond buchannan they were well organised in T shirts the BBC even tried to encourage people to swell their numbers by broadcasting the time and place to gather. this demo was featured in lots of the press with photo's of Surgeon trapped in front of the T shirted demonstrators.
# the wallace 2012-08-28 15:38
Clydebuilt you might not think the protests did any good i disagree,the very least they did was to mark the beebs card and to let them know that they are at it and it wont be allowed without us saying somthing about it.Yes maybe we will have to be a bit more creative about where and when and to whome we next protest but they sbould start up again forthwith we cant let them away with it,may i suggest that someone brings their bias up at the next tv debate etc,writing to foreign press outlets and media in the likes of the eu ireland norway usa russia france.
# fiona4independance 2012-08-27 22:38
# KOF 2012-08-27 18:04
The Big Issue's take on the BBC issue.

Comments allowed.
# 1820 2012-08-28 06:21
Pacific quay was the wrong location for the protests. Take them to the City centre, to George Square. Why hide by the riverside?
# Breeks 2012-08-28 08:34
Good call 1820.
You need a 'flying' mobile protest to present itself wherever and whenever the media has something it wants to film.

What I think the bias campaign really needs is a distinctive awareness ribbon or wristband which is an ever present expression of opinion with those who support it. What about a black and white ribbon to symbolise the BBC forever telling us black is white?
# Leswil 2012-08-28 10:58
I have been thinking more about the BBC and had to ask myself this question, do I like their service.
Answer, yes I do.

They do very many things right, great documentaries, popular programs, dramas, and more.

Will I continue to watch them into the future, I hope so.

However here is the problem.

The BBC really is no longer the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation, it has morphed into the ENGLISH Broadcasting Corporation.

Now, when it comes to political programs and reports, we cannot trust a thing they say.
That is a real let down when considering how their content effects lives overall.

If the BBC are content to carry on the way that they do, which is done to deliberately have an effect on the lives of Scottish people's rights in a negative way.

I will be prepared to switch it off.

Something I will regret, but to see this great bastion of the western world fall into an anti Scottish Unionist camp, severely rattles my cage.

What right do they have to interfere and play mind games on the Scottish people.

Yes, if change does not happen with BBC policy towards a substantial return to fair reporting, then it will continue to reflect the conformation that they are part of the Unionist Conspiracy against the wishes of the Scottish people.

Not at all what should be expected from the BBC. Scots should have, and indeed need to have unbiased views towards Scotland's Independence debate.

Nothing else will do, otherwise the once mighty BBC will be shown up for what they are, and I for one, will have my mind made up for me.

They will unwind all the good they do, for political aims of themselves and the Unionist cause, and that is not what they are there for.
# cokynutjoe 2012-08-28 16:38
BBc Scotland news tonight has the Scottish Cabinet in Orkney for the Saltire Prize for renewable energy, so far so good. Five minutes later up pops a statement from Ian Gray (remember him) bewailing the fact that the Curriculum for Excellence is failing young Scots in the science department. No personal appearance, so no questions, no facts, no figures, just "teachers have been telling him". Stairheid gossip passed off as news.
"The Cabinet are in Orkney, how can we knock the gilt off the gingerbread Johann"?
# pistonbroke 2012-08-31 18:46
........Ok, once again my comment was deleted.I've no idea why?

So,here it is again: I think the demos should begin asap. at both BBC and STV.

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