By G.A.Ponsonby
Theresa May visited Scotland yesterday.  She came to Edinburgh and launched the latest guided scare into the heart of the Yes campaign.
To paraphrase the latest claim from Westminster, Scotland will be vulnerable to a terrorist attack if we leave the Union.

Here is how the BBC introduced the 'May Day' alert:

"An independent Scotland would have a reduced ability to detect and prevent terrorist and criminal threats, the UK home secretary has said.

Theresa May said the current intelligence and security network would be difficult to replicate."

So there we have it.  Scotland won't be able to defend itself against the army of terrorists that will descend on what Westminster also claim will be a small, insignificant state devoid of London clout.

Scotland will also, it should be noted, be in the process of negotiating the removal of Trident Nuclear Weapons from the Clyde.  Our troops will no longer be compelled to take part in the former UK's imperial adventures.

In short Scotland will be harmless.  Why any terrorist would want to attack a nation that has just wrenched itself from the rule of the former colonial power isn't explained.  Scotland will most probably be rendered safer after a Yes vote than a No.

But most people who are willing to apply logic to Theresa May's claims will have already reached the same conclusion.  The SNP's Christine Grahame summed it up best when she suggested that May would have been better to have kept her mouth shut.

I'm not sure whether May's visit is the seventh or eighth in the orchestrated list of Project Fear 'yes-plosions' but there's something rather unsettling about the tone of these statements.

When trying to persuade a partner to remain in any relationship, it's usually not a good idea to issue veiled threats.  But that's what London appears to believe offers the most effective way of ensuring a No vote in 2014.

We are told that they'll block a currency union, that guards will patrol the border, that the English will suddenly refuse to take our electricity and that our skilled shipbuilders will suddenly be deemed of such poor quality that they'll be prevented from bidding for MoD contracts.

This isn't a bid to woo Scotland with the promise of a second honeymoon, this is the actions of an insecure bullying partner who is used to using threats in order to get its own way.

Charles Bird, Teaching Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV), University of St Andrews, speaking on STV even suggested that Scotland would house terrorists intent on launching attacks south of the border.

The really sad part of the whole thing is that those who ought to be on Scotland's side are colluding with the Westminster bully.  Our institutions, faced with attacks on this small nation, lend credence to the scares by headlining them.

We've seen this before when the Lockerbie bomber was given compassionate release.  Our media institutions, in the face of some particularly unseemly bullying from the USA, aided by our own London based Government, turned on the fledgling SNP Government and actively sought out those seeking to launch politically motivated attacks.

Indeed, BBC Scotland rarely passes up an opportunity to invite a US Dignatory to attack Scotland over the compassionate release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi and yesterday was no exception when US Ambassador Matthew Barzun visited.

Scotland is the only nation on earth which, when attacked by another country, sees its own media join the baying mob.

Theresa May's attack didn't dominate the headlines.  But that was more down to reports from the CPPR and the IFS who launched their own inimitable 'independent' reports.  The message from both was the same – leave the Union and you'll regret it.

Douglas Fraser wrote of the IFS report: "The independent think-tank concluded if Scotland were to leave the UK, it could face fiscal pressures at least as strong as the rest of the UK and may want to consider increasing taxes.

"...If oil revenues fall away as fast as forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility (though these forecasts are contested), there would be an additional £3.4bn gap in the budget."

According to the BBC the CPPR claimed: "There is a gap of more than £1bn in forecasts for the oil and gas tax an independent Scotland could expect, according to an academic study."

These aren't well researched warnings from May, the IFS and the CPPR.  This is blackmail, pure and simple, aimed at terrorising the politically unaware into voting No.

All welcomed by the anti-independence campaign group Better Together.

Surely this organisation ought to be re-named 'Better Stay Together ... Or Else'.


# thejourneyman 2013-10-30 08:12
I am pretty sure we are more than capable of building an intelligence and security network and one that has more credibility than that of the UK. All these visits from our so called ministers in Government do, is to confirm the need for us to radically change. They cannot be trusted and we should be more fearful of them than any of the mince they peddle.
# rabb 2013-10-30 08:33
It's becoming a farce now.

I'd love to see how Osborne explains to the people of rUK how he ruined their lives by putting a stick of dynamite under their balance of payments, refusing a currency union and spending billions on oversea energy & defence contracts.

Good luck with that one George!

Back on topic, this latest "visit" from the enforcers is as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit.
# admiral 2013-10-30 13:01
I'm waiting for the Coalition and Labour explanation to the rUK about why they wish to remain in partnership with a nation that they profess is so profoundly incapable of manifesting the least vestige of modern governance, such as organising tax collection, providing public services such as education and health, defending its interests, acting as a constructive partner in international affairs, negotiating and managing trade, economic, political and other treaty obligations, maintaining law and order, and instead is just a useless subsidy junkie, which has to rely on the taxes raised by the rUK to maintain its indolent and dependent lifestyle at the rUK's expense.

In fact, if Scotland is so bad at everything, why is the rUK "Better Together" with us?
# springster 2013-10-30 08:41
The BBC usually run these scares on Reporting Scotland but didn't with this one. I heard the item mentioned on Radio Scotland and you could almost feel the reporters groaning as they had to report it.

These scares are definitely not working. I hope they keep them going. The CPPR and IFS will produce their own 'Project Fear' reports every eight weeks. Their reports will only become newsworthy when they finally get around to looking at what faces Scotland in the event of a No vote.

By the way, and way off topic, but the Herald has a story today about the Scottish Euro winners who are in dispute with a building company.

The Herald headline is opportunistic and suggestive of a xenophobic reason for the dispute.

Here it is: 'Scots EuroMillions winners fight off £290K court claim by English builders'

The Weirs of course are high profile supporters of independence. One more reason to refuse to buy the Herald.
# Marian 2013-10-30 08:48
It has been a real eye opener to see Westminster's Project Fear propaganda machine in full attack mode against Scotland's people.

Westminster has a well documented track record of rapidly getting rid of "basket cases" but never explains to us the paradox of why they are fighting so hard in this case to keep the "basket case" in the union that they claim Scotland is.

Unless of course it is because Scotland isn't a "basket case".

So the conclusion must be that it is really about Westminster's fear of losing Trident bases, oil revenues, and the ruling elites sporting estates, after all.
# Leader of the Pack 2013-10-30 09:08
And yet again nobody took the time to remind the No camp that Scotland is not leaving the UK but ending it and will claim its share of all shared UK assets including intelligence services civil services military services diplomatic services etc.
Not only that but intelligence is shared by allies. Scotland will be in the loop of any intelligence gleaned by our allies on any imminent attacks or threats specific to us as our country also hosts nationals from our allied nations at any given time!
Its the utter stupidity of the claims that I feel galling and the MSMs unwillingness to challenge the most blatantly stupid of them. Its an insult to average intelligence.
# Abulhaq 2013-10-30 09:10
This security shtick is rather pathetic. The UK government is currently hawking its wares around China and the Islamic world touting for investment, at any price, for its overheating capital city. With a substantial part of its infrastructure, energy, transport, telecom, finance, real estate etc already in "foreign hands" they have an internal security time-bomb ticking merrily away. Combined with your governments neo-imperialist posturing, Theresa dear, YOU are the one with problems.
# farrochie 2013-10-30 09:24
Isn't it true that bigger countries (like bigger companies) take bigger risks for the chance of bigger rewards? Our links to (subservience to?) Westminster have drawn us into numerous high risk, global adventures that an independent Scotland would never have embarked on. I'm all for taking fewer risks if the only downside is that we are seen as a small country.
# Henderson 2013-10-30 09:26
So we couldn't redirect the funds we already contribute to UK system ? Will we not be allowed to by our masters ?

Would this not create jobs within Scotland.

What rubbish are we being fed by
Ms May.

We have to save England from International terrorism which will in future encamp itself within Scotlnad ?

Oh its Halloween and its another UK State official tax payer paid for scare story - I get it now.
# call me dave 2013-10-30 09:30
Well there you go then, Mrs May did come to Scotland after all I never knew. The name you suggest is appropriate Better Together 'or else' Sounds just right!

Here is another one today to add to the pile. Mind you, in Scotland, we wont be connected To the train set for years. But we have the power to kill it off if we vote YES.
# kenneth_clark336 2013-10-30 09:40
I suppose we should be used to our Southern neighbour's rough wooing technique. Centuries pass, but for the English establishment nothing changes. Keep those damned Scots in their place. Last week Edwina Currie talked down to us, this week Theresa May. Whatever happened to the respect agenda?
# bringiton 2013-10-30 10:01
The analogy of a divorcing couple is very apt.The dominant partner who has been responsible for all the housekeeping money telling the other that they can't survive on their own and that even if they could,will try to make life as difficult as possible.
Who would want to stay in such an abusive,bullyin g relationship?
Nae respect.
# Angus 2013-10-30 10:17
Other Governments work together over terrorism, or am I missing something?
# theycantbeserious 2013-10-30 10:36
Another "ALIEN ACT" to threaten Scotland! Oh how british history and it's makers love to repeat themselves.

Vote YES 2014
# WRH2 2013-10-30 10:47
I suspect Westminster is still using the outdated manual on how to keep countries subjugated but have failed to notice the USSR did actually break up. And they also seemed not to notice that once that happened, no one continued to use the name USSR.
# hiorta 2013-10-30 11:07
OMG, not anither wan!

It's little wonder Westminster has swilled the UK down the financial plughole if all that all of its politicians can see in the wider world is just the dark supremacy of ill!

They will soon stand defiantly and ineffectively all alone.
There is a wee tip that they could try, late in their day as it is: 'If you change your outlook - you change your world'
# Macart 2013-10-30 11:08
Frankly the actions of bullies and cowards with neither empathy, respect or confidence in their fellow citizens. May, BT and the media are a living, breathing disgrace.

We can choose to listen to them and believe we have nae chance. Or we can have the right debate amongst ourselves and decide this isn't as good as it gets. We do deserve better and we can make it happen. Nobody thinks it will be easy, but nothing worth having is ever easily attained. So what's it to be? Are we that bad or are we ready to get busy with a better place for our kids yet?
# Mad Jock McMad 2013-10-30 11:14
Apart from the fact the SNP have already looked at setting up an intelligence service and have a report from the Scottish Police Force saying - nay problemo, we are doing it already for Westminster.

Recent success - picking up 4 'Real IRA' nutters who had come to Scotland to kill a buddy who turned squealer. The nutters currently reside in Govan awaiting trial on terrorist charges under Scots Law. The operation was carried out across three separate legal jurisdictions as well; Eire, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Of course we did not hear about that in the Scottish MSM, did we? Rather blow's May and the rest of the numpties out the water on the 'terrorist threat'.
# Teri 2013-10-30 19:24
Mad Jock, from what I read the 'real IRA' nutters are all from Scotland. Also they are seemingly not affiliated to any Replubican Group in Ireland but are acting on their own. The Sun newspaper reports they were going to murder 'Mad Dog' Johnny Adair, an Ulster loyalist, who fled Northern Ireland to live in Scotland when death threats were made against him. He lives in Ayrshire now - Ayr or Troon, I think.

Whether any of this is true, I know not.
# clootie 2013-10-30 11:15
a) As already stated because of political change we will be LESS of a target.
b) As already pointed out all countries with common objectives work together.

One last thought. Israel a country of 8million is considered to have the best intelligence service in the world. The circumstances drive that financial spend. However it has nothing to do with the size of a country.
# Will C 2013-10-30 11:15
Under the Trades Descriptions Act you could argue that Better Together should really change its' name to Blackmailed Together.
# Enak 2013-10-30 11:17
Forget about MI5, FBI, Special Forces etc.
Scotland has its very own world famous anti terrorist division. My question to Theresa May is this "have you ever met John Smeaton" if not then read the following on how we Scots deal with terrorists.
# cjmasta 2013-10-30 11:28
Scare mongering, smears, blackmail, veiled threats, threats and constant "Warnings" eagerly delivered by the BBC and Brit Nat media.
This is the respect shown to Scots, they don`t think twice in denigrating our people or institutions. The sad thing is some of the worst offenders are Scots themselves but other non Scots feel free to behave in such a manner because so few elected to Westminster will stand up and defend us because they are more interested in securing their own position.
# Clydebuilt 2013-10-30 11:35
When did you last see the better together person asked to speak first

re last night's edition of STV's Scotland Tonight debate between Charles Bird from St Andrews University's Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence and the former Scottish Police Counter-Terrorism Co-ordinator Allan Burnett. Mr.Burnett had to speak first and was given much less time to speak than Mr. Bird who was pumping the "you cannae do it line"...

Then Monday night's edition of Scotland Tonight debate between Ian Davidson and Dennis Canavan, once again it was the pro indy person who had to speak first and was not given a fair share of the time to talk.
# proudscot 2013-10-30 13:00
Well, at least May didn't trot out the threat issued by the late Tory Lord Ancrum that, in the event of Scottish independence, "the RAF might have to bomb Scottish airports to prevent them from being taken over by terrorists intent on launching attacks on England!"

With regard to the current Herald anti-independence headlines and articles, these seem to have proliferated since the appointment of Magnus Gardham as their "political editor". Mind you it could have been worse, they could have poached Alan Cochrane from the Torygraph.
# IXL 2013-10-30 15:47
It wasn't Lord Ancrum (he ain't "late" - at least I don't think so :-) )

It was Lord (or Baron) Fraser of Carmyllie - who is late (lately)
# theycantbeserious 2013-10-30 13:27
Scotland has had many threats to its security throughout her very long history, and every time it was the peoples of this country, not the nobles, but the people that rose to the challenge in its defence. We have no enemies other than those created by being part of the uk because of our political ties to it and its policies. And once again the people of Scotland and its elected government that will deal with any existing or future threat.....close the door on your way out Ms May...thanks for!
# JimW 2013-10-30 14:10
Is The Herald beginning to see the light ? Today's report on Theresa May's statement points out that she would seem to be happier sharing intelligence with New Zealand than she would with an independent Scotland.
# creigs1707repeal 2013-10-30 15:55
A scare-a-day won't keep the Scots at bay.

YES Scotland.
# mountaincadre 2013-10-30 16:25
The Herald has been impartial through all of this Jim, I know its not easy for us on the yes side with the total bias of the bbc and msm to deal with every day, but they have been fair which is all I ask of anyone, here is a link to another story in the Herald that you will diffinately like.
# call me dave 2013-10-30 17:46
I'm an ex politician.. it's official!

Who knew?

PS: Mr Bateman has had a reply to his Dear Johann letter.
# Marian 2013-10-30 18:24
Its absolutely illogical that there is so much hate and loathing towards Scotland from Project Fear just because we want to govern ourselves.

If you think properly about why Westminster spends so much of its time and resources trying to frighten Scotland into staying in the union, you soon realise that it cannot be because of what they claim about us being too wee too poor and too stupid to govern ourselves, for that does not make any sense whatsoever coming from a Westminster government that always knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

So you then have to come to the inescapable conclusion that Scotland must have something Westminster desperately wants to keep for itself.

Therefore it must be because they desperately want to keep Scotland's oil and gas tax revenues and a base for Trident right next to Scotland's largest city after all.
# X_Sticks 2013-10-30 19:17
It's maybe not just that Scotland has a lot that westminster wants to hang on to Marian.

I think they are feart.

Feart that a free Scotland with control of it's own assets will show up the Mother of parliaments for the greedy, corrupt cess-pit that it is.

A free Scotland will, I believe, become a successful, progressive country. It is our success that really scares them.
# mountaincadre 2013-10-30 19:21
Marian it is not just yourself that thinks, "Scotland must have something they want", I agree that our resources are a great bonus to them but would disagree that it is the main reason, there have been a lot of folks thinking that an aye vote will eventually lead to the current west minster system falling, I believe that after a yes vote and withdrawel of oil/gas/renewables etc that currently secure the UK's debt, that the money markets/loan brokers that hold the tickets for the UK's debt will demand instant payment, a payment that west minster cannot make and can no longer service. As I see it this will plunge the RUK into a severe crisis and bring down the UK government, it dos'nt take much of an imagination to realise what would happen to west minster based politicians of whatever hue.
# call me dave 2013-10-30 21:10
Warning taxes could go up 21% after No vote
The good news,for Scotland, it'll happen down South.

See the table:
# Jamie Black 2013-10-30 22:15
Project Blackmail? I doubt it, Project Reality maybe? Why are the yes campaign so fixated that Scotland will get absolutely everything it's way after separating? It will not, and highlighting that is not scaremongering ,it's just telling voters as it is. The UK government will have NO mandate at all towards the Scottish people. Wake up folks.

How about the yes campaign being 'Project Bribe'? With all the caveated promises the First Minister is making, it's a fairly accurate description.
# Boris Broon 2013-10-31 01:14
Never heard of negotiation or the middle ground?
# Breeks 2013-10-31 06:06
It's not about Scotland getting everything its own way. It's about Scotland making its own decisions and having the freedom to react to change.
# Macart 2013-10-31 06:38
Project Reality? That'll be right up there with the 'Truth Team' on everyone's lips. :D

I'm not actually seeing what constitutes a bribe in a referendum on national determination. Could you be a tad more specific, because none come to mind off hand? Start with if you vote YES I'll give you... what?
# Leader of the Pack 2013-10-31 07:23
And once again you choose to pretend you believe in alternate realities because you've nothing genuine to offer up in argument.
The No campaign are basing their entire position from the perspective of a continued UK without Scotland knowing full well the UK is nothing but the Parliamentary union between the Scottish Parliament and the Parliament of England Wales.
Face it Scotland will be a joint successor state when the UK is abolished leaving only its separate constituent Parliaments and will take on its share of joint assets as well as debt inclusive of all treaty obligations, Govt apparatus, services, institutions, etc. That's project reality! And its about time you stopped pretending otherwise.
# Jamie Black 2013-10-31 07:48
Breeks - making our 'own decisions (or should I say, Scottish politicians only making decisions) is the principal and that's fine, the reality is the negotiation, hence why I'm saying that the Yes campaign need to wake up to the fact that that Scotland may lose a lot of good things that are part of the Union if we separate. You surely must realise that?

Macart - Vote yes is the only way to guarantee no tuition fees. Vote Yes to bring the Royal Mail back into public ownership (at what cost!?), vote Yes for a higher minimum wage, vote Yes for a 5% on-off cut in your energy bills, vote Yes to cut Corporation tax.

And that's a year out. goodness knows what else we'll be bribed with that there is no chance of being delivered. Few of the above have been costed and there is no indication of how it will be delivered or even how possible. Hence why i call it a bribe.
# Macart 2013-10-31 09:35
@Jamie Black: You do realise they are all examples of a pertinent fact? To vote no will be a vote to see further cuts to the Barnett formula handout and indeed from some quarters a call to abolish the formula. Under such pressure we will indeed see the loss of many essential services. Bringing back the Royal Mail and abolition of the bedroom tax are policies on reserved issues and can only take effect on a successful YES vote. The public seem somewhat keen on altering both those decisions. Your advice to the SG is to ignore the electorates wishes? Ditto with energy by the by (reserved issue). And just how the cutting of corporation tax is a bribe aimed at the electorate is beyond me. But still, the same applies... reserved issue.

The SG have made a fair point and you know it. If the public want anything done about any or all of these issues there is only one vote possible which will make the difference. The principle is the same only a YES vote can alter these outcomes.
# bleach 2013-10-31 09:40
Quoting Jamie Black:
Scotland may lose a lot of good things that are part of the Union if we separate

When we become independent, can you tell me a few (even just one will do) of these good things we may .... lose ? None come to mind at the moment.
# maisiedotts 2013-10-31 11:31
Quoting Jamie Black:
Scotland may lose a lot of good things that are part of the Union if we separate.

Oh good ............ someone willing to give the "positive case" for the union, can you list some of the "lot of good things" we will lose? Thanks Jamie
# Fungus 2013-10-31 09:53
Yes campaign need to wake up to the fact that that Scotland may lose a lot of good things that are part of the Union if we separate.

Maybe Jamie, though I can't think of any offhand. But it's all a matter of priorities, you may gain whatever it is you have in mind by remaining in the Union but you loose infinitely more by being perpetually in thrall to a government and a system who see you as no more than a milch cow for their heartland voters. This is what this is all about, as has been said time and again. It's not a balance sheet, it's about Scottish people once more being Scottish people and not a subset of 'Britons'. It's about leaving a system whose moral compass is diametrically opposite to ours. The bonus is that we will be a fairer and wealthier country as a result.
# Leader of the Pack 2013-10-31 19:30

I don't know why you don't publish my replies to Jamie Black as they are all relevant factual & deserved.

It would help if you used his name correctly - Admin
# Jamie Black 2013-10-31 19:47
I'll be frank - you've got me a bit.

I was going to talk about losing the pound as our currency, meaning we'd have to change our money before crossing the border. But the plan for Independence actually keeps the pound. That we'd lose the Royal Mail, but we'll be keeping that. That we'd lose the BBC (after all why would we get the benefit of something we're not paying for), but I get the sense we'll still have that. That the DVLA would go, but nope, you guessed.

That we'd lose the benefits (e.g rebate etc) of being in the EU, but the SNP want to keep all that unchanged too.

Other things we'll lose? Probably the best military in the world, so be replaced by some hobbled together 'Defense Force'. We'll lose the National Lottery and the benefits of scale that provides to charities in Scotland. We'll loose the UK's excellent credit rating and the advantages of the low borrowing rates that brings...ooops, out of characters....need I go on?
# snowthistle 2013-10-31 21:24
I hope one of the things we lose is the number 4 because that 'best military in the world' requires the 4th biggest defence budget in the world.

Because the UK is the 4th most unequal country in the developed world

and because 1 in 4 British kids are growing up in poverty
# Leader of the Pack 2013-10-31 21:37
Jamie Black

Don't you mean we will lose the political indifference to the best military in the world? Which is "hobbled" by an MOD that chooses to under equip under pay under house and understand the their needs?

The national lottery? The benefits of scale has the Scottish contribution heading South with the rest as if you didn't know.

The ever falling UK credit rating? Held together by cowtowing to US foreign policy and not upsetting US Corporate interests?

Go on? Why? You've yet to post a single relevant valid advantage.

How about posting something that isn't transparently without conviction?
# Jamie Black 2013-10-31 22:46
And there we must leave it Leader of the Pack. You asked for positives, I gave you an example of some.

I've not mentioned a jobs market without boundary or restriction, bureacratic, physical or other. I just cannot see that being quite the same post Yes. Health care - will we be able to walk into a hospital and get the exact same level of treatment when it's not our tax paying for it? Scottish notes are a hassle as it is - will we see Scottish notes being treated differently, even is supposed to be the same?

There is so much about being in the Union that is just taken for granted. I ask you to look and think hard, and be honest. Do you think we'll loose nothing by separating? Do you think there are only positives and no downsides?

You can't enter something so unknown without knowing the risks. And neither the Yes campaign nor the SNP are being honest about them. They exist. They are not all scaremongering. You musy surely realise that?
# Leader of the Pack 2013-10-31 23:56
Jamie Black

Wouldn't you find it much simpler to admit you have nothing to offer or argue with rather than going through this long drawn out farce presenting evidence upon evidence of the fact you have nothing to offer or argue with?
Jobs market without boundaries? What does that even mean? If its in a UK context then the boundary would be the UK which seems really restrictive in context with an global international jobs market open to all.

Health care? one word "Privatisation" end of argument.

Scottish notes? The pound Sterling is a Scottish note.

Union taken for granted? Exactly why we need Independence.

Youre asking me to be honest regarding a positive case for the union when you cant come up with a single viable argument in support of one.

National Independence & self determination is not an unknown risk it is evident all over the world including within the UK itself! That is how dumb your non case is.
# Jamie Black 2013-11-01 09:15
The difference is Sir/Madam, that i can come up with reasons - you just don't happen to agree.

I'll ask you again - can you tell me (since i've clearly failed) of any advantages of being part of the UK for Scotland?

And if you really don't want to answer that, then maybe you can tell me of any downsides of risks of independence for Scotland?

Come on - surely you will be comfortable enough in your own arguement to concede some points to the other side? After all, we're debating. or trying to...
# call me dave 2013-10-31 23:55
Latest scare story!....OH Wait!

Herald: FMQ’s What a hoot!

Comments section says it all except for OBE who also gets trashed.
# iain2013 2013-11-01 09:38
Theresa May could well be right and I think Scotland should brace itself for events that might well take place next year if the referendum looks like heading towards a Yes. We might well see the emergence of a militant group with "Scottish National" or "Tartan" in its name, stopped at the last minute by the UK security services from carrying out some violent acts. More worryingly, Scotland might be announced as the target of international terrorists, possibly during the Commonwealth Games. This will also be foiled, I hope, at the eleventh hour by MI5/MI6, showing that we are all better together. Far fetched? Let's not forget Bill Clinton's bombing of the aspirin factory and Tony Blair's tanks at Heathrow at politically opportune moments.

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