By Robert Given

I joined the SNP 24 years ago. I have carried the card ever since.

I liked them when it seemed very few people did. I canvassed with Nicola and remember Alex and Kenny from the poll tax campaign days.  In rock and roll terms I bought the first single, watched them play the student union. Now that they have double platinum-selling albums, play stadiums with an international fan base and have changed lead singer a couple of times, is it still possible to love the SNP?

To The Hydro!

Commentary by Thomas Connolly

Welcome to the start of the SNP’s UK general election campaign. With a new leader in place and a massive surge in membership, the party spent the weekend getting on a war footing for the May 7 poll.

Nicola Sturgeon’s long expected elevation came in the most unexpected of circumstances. The resignation of a party leader after a referendum defeat usually signals a fearful entry into the doldrums.

By Hugh Kerr

Creative Scotland the troubled body responsible for distributing around £100 million of our money to fund the arts has managed to create a stushie over its first funding budget since it was relaunched.

In particular it has caused major comment by cutting the budget entirely of Scottish Youth Theatre, which was responsible for the beginnings of many great theatrical careers in Scotland.

By Xavier Solano

Catalans have voted, and have done so in defiance of the Spanish Government and the Constitutional Court that declared this consultation illegal. It is remarkable that 40,000 volunteers and over 2.3 million people defied the Court’s suspension, especially taking into account that it was known that Spain’s public prosecutor would investigate whether anyone breached the suspension.

  By Nicola Sturgeon MSP

These are good days in which to become First Minister and leader of the SNP.

When Alex Salmond became leader in 1990, the SNP had just four MPs at Westminster. There was no Scottish Parliament, or even the prospect of one, and Scotland was governed by Tory Secretary of State Malcolm Rifkind.

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