By a Martin Kelly
UK Prime Minister David Cameron has committed to giving the Scottish Parliament the powers to raise and spend 'all of its own money'.
In a newspaper interview, the Conservative leader appeared to signal he was prepared to move much further than the devolution proposals previously set out by his party in Scotland.

  Analysis of opinion polling this week has provided the latest indication of the strong growth in support for the SNP ahead of next year’s Westminster election.
The combined level of support for the SNP recorded in the Scottish sub-samples of daily opinion polls by YouGov this week for the UK General Election has the nationalists on 38.6 per cent, compared to support for Labour at 29.3 per cent.

  By Sean Martin
MEMBERSHIP of the SNP has increased by almost 40,000 in the week since the independence referendum, the party has said.
With total membership now exceeding 65,000 people at noon today, the SNP have become the third largest party in the United Kingdom behind the Conservatives and Labour.

  By Martin Kelly
The Labour party has been accused of giving out two completely different messages over the NHS, telling voters in Scotland it was safe before the independence referendum but now claiming it is under threat.
In a speech today, Labour's shadow health spokesman Andy Burnham said that "true whole person care" was "not possible in Cameron’s fragmented, privatised, demoralised" NHS and argued that the 2015 election would be "a battle for the soul of the NHS".

  By Anne-Marie O’Donnell
There have been calls for urgent clarification from Labour on whether further powers for Scotland will include control of child benefit after shadow chancellor Ed Balls pledged to cap payments in a speech to the Labour party conference.
In his speech, the shadow chancellor vowed to continue a Tory cap on child benefits to 2017 if Labour get into government in the 2015 general election in a bid to reassure markets and investors that the party will balance the country’s books through more austerity.

  By a Newsnet reporter
UK Prime Minister David Cameron has claimed Scottish Television backed out of an offer of a referendum TV debate involving himself and undecided voters.
The Prime Minister made the claim in response to a question from SNP MP Angus Robertson, who reminded the Conservative leader of a pledge he had made during a trip to Scotland this year.

  By Lynda Williamson
Scottish Green Party Co-convener Patrick Harvie has cautioned industrial giant INEOS against thinking it will be able to Frack in one of Scotland's most densely populated areas.
Mr Harvie was responding after it emerged the operators of the Grangemouth refinery and petrochemical plant, had acquired a 51% share of the shale section of the joint Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence covering the Midland Valley of Scotland.

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