By Lynn Malone
Nicola Sturgeon launched a scathing attack on Scottish Secretary, Michael Moore, ahead of a speech he will give at Glasgow University today.
Mr Moore will deliver his speech at the institute for Public Policy Research but the Deputy First Minister has hit out at the cost of decision making powers in Westminster saying they are "crystal clear."

Ms Sturgeon said the evidence shows the benefits of having decision making powers in Scotland and the cost for Scotland when they are left in Westminster’s hands.

"At the heart of this campaign is the reality that the people of Scotland benefit most when decisions about Scotland are taken in Scotland. Whatever the No campaign say the evidence is crystal clear.

"With the decision making powers Scotland has already we have been able to protect free higher education despite the Lib Dems decision to inflict tuition fees on students in England - but without a Yes vote in 2014 we cannot stop nuclear weapons on our shores or billions of pounds being spent on a Trident replacement despite the overwhelming opposition of the people of Scotland," she said.

Miss Sturgeon accused Mr Moore and his colleagues of walking away from the key commitments they made in Scotland to take power at Westminster. She said it highlights the risk taken by sticking with a Westminster system.

"With the decision making powers Scotland has we can prevent the creeping privatisation of the NHS that is happening in the rest of the UK - but without a Yes vote in 2014 we cannot stop the cuts to household budgets and the pain being felt by those bearing the brunt of the bedroom tax.

"With the decision making powers Scotland has we can choose to support our elderly with free personal care - but without a Yes vote in 2014 we do not have the powers to stop Danny Alexander’s drastic cuts to capital budgets that are putting our economy at risk." She said.

The Deputy Minister said the No campaign couldn’t explain why the people of Scotland should continue to face policies put in place by a government they didn’t vote for.

She said:  "Scotland is more than wealthy enough to be a fairer and more prosperous society. It is only with full responsibility in Scotland following a Yes vote and independence that we will truly be able to protect the people of Scotland by taking decisions for Scotland, in Scotland."

In advance extracts from his speech Mr Moore attacks the SNP saying: "...they are trying to de-risk, deflect and distract from the challenges and realities that would face an independent Scotland. That Strategy will not hold" the Scotsman reports.


# clootie 2013-08-28 07:43
A puppet minister speaking at a fake research group all to enable a sound bite opportunity for the BBC to air attacking independence.

A balanced debate! who are they trying to kid.
# Breeks 2013-08-28 08:21
So debunking scare stories is now de-risking and deflection is it?

"For goodness sake Scotland, when we've sold out our integrity going to such length to contrive these scare stories, it's dashed bad form when you refuse to believe them".
# Intransigent 2013-08-28 09:13
Johnston Press reports a profit for the first time in seven years. The digital revenue increased by 13.3%, and its 'overall audience' increased by 100,000 per month, apparently due to web and mobile readers.

A fair amount of this must be from people who are pro-independence, and who are - as I used to be - drawn to read The Scotsman online and comment on its daily dishonest and ludicrous unionism. My advice is: stop. You can see the headlines on Google without giving them revenue by going to the site. You know the sort of stuff they'll write - you could make it up yourself - and by reading it online you're paying them for it. No wonder they keep on writing it! So stop: you'll hamper their propaganda, and feel all the better for it.
# cynicalHighlander 2013-08-28 15:54
Mr Moore living up to his tag name of 'Mr Pointless'.
# proudscot 2013-08-28 17:47
Michael Moore, the LibDem politician who epitomises his party's present-day policy of ditching their principles for ministerial limos. When the devolved Scottish Parliament was created in 1999, this is the man who declared that the office of Secretary of State for Scotland was redundant and should be abolished, which would also save the taxpayers its running costs.

Remind me, which office of state did he accept when offered, and now occupies? What's worse, he continually uses this sinecure of a position to talk Scotland down and denigrate our aspirations for independence, by misrepresentati ons and half-truths. What a pathetic spineless person he has turned out to be. Another sad example of the Scottish Cringe.
# Arthur G 2013-08-28 21:24
I believe Moore as much as l will believe Cameron's forthcoming justification for being the USA's unquestioning lapdog over Syria
# call me dave 2013-08-28 23:27
Campaign fear strikes again on cue to poison First Ministers speech
In a paper published by the David Hume Institute today, Prof Quinn says that sharing power between two sovereign states in such a way would lead to a “muddle”. “Trying to stand astride two horses heading in diverging directions could lead, sooner or later, to an expensive accident,”.

Prof Quinn warns that, in the event of such an accident – like that which rocked Scotland’s banks in 2008 – there would be potential for serious “dispute” over who should bail them out: Scotland or the rest of the UK.

If a bank did go under again, he warns, Scotland’s taxpayers “could face real difficulty” in meeting their share of the costs.
Cant wait to cross the union out of existence with my vote in 2014.
# call me dave 2013-08-28 23:45
I wonder if he got £100 for writing ( his personal view) report for the David Hume Institute which of course is completely neutral in the referendum debate.

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