The Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) has announced its intention to step up its efforts in areas of low voter turnout and areas considered Labour strongholds over the final six weeks of the referendum campaign.
Oraganisers have arranged for another nationwide 'Mass Canvass' event on Wednesday, 6th August in which they aim to get as many of activists out on the streets talking to as many voters as possible in an attempt at persuading more people to register to vote in the referendum.

The event follows the success of RIC's last day of action which took place on the 22nd June and saw over 8000 people canvassed.  Canvassers reported significantly stronger support for Yes than for No, with 58% backing independence.

Next Wednesday, the group's Glasgow activists will be descending on the Cranhill area of the East End of Glasgow.  The area has one of the lowest election turnouts in Britain with only 35% at the 2010 general election.  All RIC activists will be equipped with voter registration forms while knocking on doors.

The event is part of a National Mass Canvass around Scotland.

Recent estimates suggest that as many as one milllion people eligible to vote, have failed to register to take part in the independence referendum.  Most are believed to come from poorer areas and have, over the years, become disillusioned with the electoral system - some removed their names from the electoral register during the period of the poll tax.

Commenting, local organiser Tony Kenny said: "Labour called us 'despicable' for daring to reach out to traditional Labour voters at a previous canvass event in Easterhouse.  The British New Labour party are petrified our campaign brings the message that a new Scotland with real Labour values is increasingly possible."

Fellow organiser Liam McLaughlan added: "While the so called 'indyrefexpress' of the Labour party visits Westminster and the Welsh parliament, the Radical Independence Campaign will be out in force talking to the 'missing million' who could ultimately decide the referendum."

The group will be meeting in the Farmfoods car park in Cranhill, 1111 Edinburgh Road, at 6pm, and anyone who wishes to help is encouraged to come along.

The last RIC mass canvass, which took place in towns and districts arouns Scotland, included the Muirhouse/West Pilton district of Edinburgh.

The event was filmed on behalf of Newsnet Scotland.


# Adam Davidson 2014-08-02 09:26
While their politics probably differ from mine, I have massive respect for the work RIC are doing. No matter which way the referendum goes, Scottish politics will not be the same again.
# Alien Act 2014-08-02 11:20
Absolutely, any group or individual that goes out canvassing for a Yes vote has my support.
There will be plenty time to sort out politics after we win independence.
# Eton Mess 2014-08-02 09:31
Some voters seem to think that once you are on the register it remains there for ever. However, I understand that you have to register every 2 years. The process seems to be that a form is sent out every year, around September time and it contains the details of everyone at that address currently eligible to vote. If you return it, all good and well, if you don't nothing happens in year 1. Fail to return for a second year means you drop off the list. So, get checking, folks, this is too important to leave to chance.
# ButeHouse 2014-08-02 10:53
HOPE, without question is the key word in this Referendum.

Tens of thousands of the 'missing millions' are registering for the first time in 10, 15 or even 20+ years in order to vote in the Referendum and in my experience and that of others the vast majority of those are Voting YES.

RIC have been particularly good at highlighting the potential of these lost voters and so it has proved correct.

Between them and Labour for Independence they have really worked those 'traditional Labour areas well.

This is being replicated by all YES groups in cities and towns and it's paying handsome dividends.

# samizdat 2014-08-02 11:43
An indolent apathetic electorate has served Labour well over the years,as long as their diehard labour voters turned out and got them in even with a poor turnout they were quite happy,I have no doubt Labour will be absolutely ragin that the RIC are out and about in these areas and getting the people engaged with the idea of independence,th eir vote could well be crucial and the RIC should be commended for their hard work.

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