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A BBC presenter has claimed that the rest of the UK would be unlikely to award shipbuilding contracts to the Clyde if Scots vote Yes in September's independence referendum.
James Naughtie, who presents BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland radio show made the claim during an interview with a representative of pro-Yes organisation Business for Scotland.

  Senior citizens champion and former MSP John Swinburne today declared his support for a Yes vote in September's independence referendum.
He marked the 15th anniversary of the modern Scottish Parliament by throwing his weight behind the Yes campaign, saying: "Independence is the key to a better life and a better country for all our people - young and old."

  UNISON branch officers have signed a declaration of support for an independent Scotland as a route to a fairer society and economy.
More than 40 delegates at their Brighton conference, from a variety of parties and none, including a dozen branch chairs and secretaries, signed the statement that describes their, "vision of a better and more stable world, freed from dominance by global corporations who have a stranglehold on the United Kingdom’s political system".

  By a Newsnet reporter
The Scottish National Party has criticised the UK government claiming a string of blunders on welfare reform have affected some of the most vulnerable people in society.
In the past few days the Department for Work and Pensions has been criticised by the Public Accounts Committee and Macmillan cancer support for mismanaging Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

  By Martin Kelly
A left leaning pro-independence campaign group which is calling for an end to austerity and action against poverty has announced plans for a mass nationwide canvass in support of a Yes vote in September’s independence referendum.
Radical Independence will hold the event next Sunday, June 22nd, which is planned to persuade Scots, in particular those from a working class background, to back a Yes vote.

  The SNP has welcomed a new poll which shows support for Yes continuing to grow – and the party on course to retain its majority with an 18 points lead over Labour.

A Survation poll - which was commissioned by the Daily Record - found a swing of just three points is needed for Yes to take the lead over its No rival.

  By Martin Kelly
Results of a newly published survey have revealed that the gap between those backing Scottish independence and those againts is just seven points.
The Populas poll, carried out on behalf of the Financial Times, asked people whether they wanted Scotland to remain part of the UK or leave and become independent.


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