The BBC have been accused of sidelining the SNP after it emerged that theirs is the only Party Election Broadcast not available on the BBC’s online iPlayer.

When visiting the iPlayer site the link for the SNP election broadcast is marked 'Coming soon'.

The election broadcasts for Labour, Conservative and LibDems are freely available for viewing as are PEB’s for other smaller parties.  Indeed election broadcasts are available for some parties despite the fact that they were broadcast after the SNP’s.  The Conservative PEB was broadcast fully two days after the SNP yet has already been made available.

It is understood that the SNP have tackled the BBC on what appears to be yet another attempt at marginalising the party of government in Scotland; a press release from the SNP may be imminent.

This follows the announcement by the SNP that they plan to contest their exclusion from the BBC election debate in court on Tuesday.

The list of PEB’s available on iPlayer can be seen by clicking here.



# brusque 2010-04-25 17:12
The BBC are skating on thin ice now! How much more blatant are they going to get? Surely all they are doing is reinforcing the SNPs case for them!
# Cumbie Neil 2010-04-25 21:19
Everyone who doesn't like this ongoing bias should be making complaints to the BBC about it, they may not do anything about it but it will come up on their statistics that they are having complaints about political bias.
# Clare 2010-04-28 09:04
You would think so wouldn't you brusque? But why aren't Scots out on the streets protesting about it? Why aren't they screaming to the skies about it? Complaining to the BBC doesn't change anything. We are in a minority and sadly the vast majority do not care. As ever the biggest enemy is apathy. I agree wholeheatedly that the BBC are on thin ice. I'd go as far as to say surely what they are doing must be illegal.....and yet, its happening.
# Independista 2010-04-25 17:44
The BBC and especially BBC Scotland are blatantly anti SNP and even more so now that the SNP are taking them to court. Tonight's Scottish News is an example of how they have decided to react by making the top story the press release from Scottish Labour about Alex Salmond's answer to whether or not he would have released Thomas Hamilton, were he dying from a terminal illness, similar to the Megrahi. Salmond's answer was of course correct, but I thought it was a pity he did not spell out why it is ludicrous to compare the two. Hamilton was a psychopath who would have been incarcerated in a mental institute for the rest of his life, as he would always have presented a constant threat to society. Megrahi’s conviction, dodgy in the first place, followed similar precedent, and because he presented no danger to the public, he was released on compassionate grounds.
It is clear now that BBC Scotland has an agenda, and that is to marginalise the SNP.
# rodmac 2010-04-25 17:49
The BBC have totally thrown away ANY pretence of impartiality now. It is all out war against the SNP.
Today, we see their reporting on the Sky leaders debate fully concentrate on the devolved issue of justice,and the AL Meghrahi case. Giving the impression through their selective editing the Alex Salmond was on the receiving end of the debate. While completely ignoring the lamentable performance by Jim Murphy,and how how Labour were duffed up over Iraq!

Likewise in the polics show..The aggresive questioning of Nicola Sturgeon over the SNP case against them, with regards to the debates. Yet giving Labours David Cairns a free ride in his interview.

Watch out for more tonight in the Economy debate with that weasel Campbell, and their specially hand picked invited audience!!
# Grahame 2010-04-25 17:59
Despicable, truly despicable.
# G.Macp 2010-04-25 18:19
Bullying, Brazen, Corrupt - BBC.
These tactics will be seen for what they are, an attack on the people of Scotlands government!
I don't think all the electorate are naive enough to swallow these tactics and hopefully on May 6th they will show their response!
# Clare 2010-04-28 09:07
Oh I don't know G.Macp, a former assistant Editor at the Record has just taken over as Editor in Chief at the Herald. With the diet of drivel Scots will feed on in newspapers - and BBC Scotland - between now and polling day I'm not sure there is much hope. Its a nice thought tho!
# Astonished 2010-04-25 18:33
I think we now have enough BBC rope...

Once the case has been to court there will be irrefutable proof that the BBC Trust (oh!the irony)is incapable of curtailing, or even attempting to curtail, glencampblly reporting.

The international media have not run with this story .....yet.
# Traquir 2010-04-25 18:58
Excellent story yet again. From the link it appears to show the broadcast is from the 21st of April. Takes 4 days to publish it on the internet, I don't think so. Looks like gross incompetence at the very least if not out and out bias. Knowing the form of Brit Nats quite likely both.
# govanite 2010-04-25 19:17
Saw the BBC news, so biased and nothing on the BBC News channel on the court case. No point in the SNP even trying to be conciliatory now. BBC have clearly been compromised.
I didn't think Salmond got into top gear today. He was still the clear winner though. I would like him to point out more clearly that to answer how an independent Scotland would handle the credit-crunch, you first need to ask 'When did Scotalnd become independent?' and say that the union has guaranteed no stability - only Tory and Labour recessions.
# Mac 2010-04-25 19:24
The anti-nat strategy by the BBC to marginalise the SNP is becoming the story of this election.

Blogs being censored and closed. Overly aggressive interviews. Critical and partisan news stories. Ignoring requests for parity and fairness in debates. Blocking election broadcasts. The list grows longer - the evidence stronger - we have a growing scandal.
# Clare 2010-04-28 09:11
I hear BBC Scotland interviewers, especially the Newsnight Scotland lot have been to the Kirsty Wark School of Remaining Impartial When Interviewing Politicians. ; )
# Albamac 2010-04-25 20:09
I made my donation as soon as I heard about the fund. Like many others I'm happy to give what I can to support a just cause.

I made an altogether different decision when I gave serious thought to the matter of paying for the continued upkeep of an organisation that acts against my interests.

I stopped and I'm feeling a lot better!


I've just taken my first, tentative steps into the blogosphere. I haven't written much on topical issues recently but, once I find my way around WordPress, I'll try to make more of it. There's not much there, yet, but a couple of the poems may make you smile.
# eye_write 2010-04-25 20:18
Worth repeating...
or text SNP to 85199 (to donate £5)
-over 32k 15 mins ago-
# rodmac 2010-04-25 20:40
It may well be that the BBC in their openly transparent bias in Scotland, are actually achieving the very opposite of what they and their LibLabTory chums have actually been endeavouring. Instead of sidelining the SNP and making them the irrelavance that Westminster would wish.They have actually completely overplayed their hand to the extent that even those who do not support the SNP ordinarily can see the injustice of what is taking place.
They may wish to portray the SNP contribution to the debates as being irrelevant, but in doing so forget that they are saying that Scottish voters are irrelevant!
This may be the very beginning of the breakup of the Union,and they will be through their actions, be the very ones who provide the impetus for it!
Whatever happens in this election now? Be sure, that the Scots will remember this next year at the Holyrood elections.

On a lighter note..Quote of the day for me, was David Cameron being asked about the possibility of changing the voting system to PR and hung parliaments in Westminster.
He was naturally against the idea and said, "you could go to bed thinking you had voted in a Government and wake up to find that it was not the government you voted for, and that Tweedledee was chatting to Tweedledum, with Tweedledum talking to Tweedledem about who was going to form the government"

I think Alex salmond would be having a chuckle, at them openly referring to themselves in how he described them!
# Clare 2010-04-28 09:15
Rodmac maybe but we need, for once, the ENGLISH press to pick up on what is going on and cover it.

Yes, isn't it a shame that DC needs Salmond to provide a quote for him? Shows you how he struggles without a pre-prepared script and when dependent on his own wit.
# RTP 2010-04-25 23:06
I went into Iplayer for a look have complained to BBC not for the first time but I suppose will get the same stoke reply.Watched the BIG debate Murphy does prattle on Campbell not to ready to stop him,pity Campbell did not ask him about the Fossil fuel levy and grid connection charges much more important to Scotland than a third runway at Heathrow.
# mato21 2010-04-25 23:14
rodmac I think it is just possible that knowing nothing about Scotland or our humour D.C probably thought he was being flattered he obviously didn't realise he was being mocked along with the other tweedles
# uilleam_beag 2010-04-26 06:39
This is highly suspect. Had this been the only occasion the Beeb had appeared to fail in their impartiality obligations, one could easily dismiss it as a simple mistake. But in the current climate and with the backdrop of their clear favouritism of the "big three" on the debates issue, you'd have thought they'd be being extra careful. Nah, they don't even bother to check they've spelt 'Ec's name right.
I notice that one of the two vids has now suddenly become available (not for me, though, as I'm out of the country). Strange timing, so I'm assuming kudos should be laid at the feet of Newsnet et al for drawing attention to this.

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