STV will tonight air a documentary looking into the events surrounding the 1988 bombing of Pan-Am 103 over Lockerbie.

The programme comes almost one year on from the compassionate release of the man convicted of planting the bomb, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi.

Narrated by Kaye Adams ‘The Lockerbie Bomber: Sent Home to Die’ is being transmitted at 9pm this evening and will also look at American reaction to the release of Mr Megrahi.

The downing of the American airliner caused the deaths of 270 people including 189 Americans who were travelling home for the Christmas break.

The programme will contain rarely-seen archive news footage and new interviews with the relatives of the victims.  The programme also speaks to the Scottish and American detectives who led the investigation as well as cancers specialists who examined Megrahi prior to his release.


# Gaavster 2010-08-09 13:36
Lets wait and see what 'gems' Ms Adams comes up with tonight and how 'balanced' the documentary turns out to be...

I am not holding my breath....
# mato21 2010-08-09 14:38
They were talking about K.Mac being a bit confused over an answer at lunchtime So I would strongly advise no one to hold their breath!
# RTP 2010-08-09 14:47
Heard that as well,no mention of McNeil there or BBC Scotland.
# loveme2times 2010-08-09 17:12
It will just be another BIG STICK to hit the SNP government with, one sided.
# McGillicuddy Dreams 2010-08-09 22:04
Apart from choice omission of many facts(well they only had an hour) Detective Chief Superintendant of the Lockerbie Disaster said more than once about how he has had to repeat himself so often(who to?) about the fact he would have no reason to fabricate evidence. I may need to hear him say that a few more times because I never caught all the other times he had to say it. He also says that Gauchi claimed that the Libyans were watching him and his shop. Well why should we think that that to be gospel too. Gauchi could tell that the man who bought clothes in his shop was Libyan so therefore he would also be an expert in those watching him being Libyans too. Chief Super then superbly deduces that the Libyans therefore must be guilty as hell. Well I tell you, absolutely amazing. Clouseau or Holmes. You decide. Members of the Lockerbie Inquiry stating that by working backwards from Megrahi to the first of the 'evidence' found leaves no room for doubt. The question may be raised by better investigative programmes over who would have been capable of planting and organising evidence which would lead to such a result. Mr Swire can be asked for the whys. Where the anti-scottish-government programme really showed their cards and colours was when Kaye Adams stated the Foreign Policy Arrangement between Libya and Britain included a Prisoner Transfer Agreement.A repatriation of Libyan prisoners in Britain arranged by the Westminster government. Kaye Adams says the Scottish Government were unsuccesful in trying to have this exclude Megrahi. Exactly how many Libyan Prisoners were in British jails at the time. Maybe someone could provide that small snippet of significance. All in all an unimpressive collection of second rate information and reporting on the biggest miscarriage of justice in a Scottish Court I know of. This does not satisfy the need for closure for many people in Scotland and the World.
ps.To insult Mr Monetti by showing him to be representative of the American attitude while in his obvious mental anguish , stating his opinion that all Scots are too tight to pay for Megrahi staying in Scotland and that being why Megrahi was sent home. He may wish to insult all Scots people living here but he should not get the public forum to do so. I'm sure the Scottish compassion extends to him and his family too.
# Robert Louis 2010-08-09 22:16
You are right, they seriously mixed up what happened between London and Edinburgh regarding the PTA.

So many aspects were just glossed over, in order to allow more time for some American ranting.

As for the Malta connection, I just laughed when the detective spoke of how 'you couldn't make it up' - yeah, unbelievable was it??

Then the guy from the FBI who said he couldn't comment on whether the Maltese shopkeeper had been paid large sums of money by the USA - all the evidence now indicates he was. I wonder why??

I was quite let down by the documentary. The music was just annoying.

A wasted opportunity.
# Gill 2010-08-10 01:39
crying for paragraphing
# Gill 2010-08-10 02:17
# enneffess 2010-08-10 10:09
So are you accusing the Chief Super of making things up? We need to get at the facts rather than making spurious judgements.
# Gill 2010-08-09 22:46
I can't get STV or Channel 4 and for the last few days BBC Scotland or all BBC on my internet nor on my dongle.

Suggestions please, and a dongle is a recognised piece of techno equipment. X
# enneffess 2010-08-10 10:07
Unless you bought the cheapo version from a well know retailer :p
# Stravaiger 2010-08-09 22:57
As Robert Louis points out, so much time devoted to American ranting when the programme makers could have cut to the chase by going over the elements of the appeal case or pursuing the statements of Thurman and Marquise.

A complete waste of time and an insult to our intelligence.
# Old Smokey 2010-08-10 01:55
I found the remark that 'the Libyans were always outside the shop in Malta that supplied shirts' erhm just a couple of points 1. Its not surprising as Malta has close ties with Libya, 2. Libyan intellegence had an office near to the shop, as did Libyan airlines. So it would be not an unsual sight to see regular flow of Libyans buying stuff to take back to Libya! SOme of the detectives were strange in their answers, in that they kept stating that the evidence was clear. Of course it was, no one is disputing that. The bone of contention is that it was all spoon fed to them! such as the fragment of shirt supplied by the CIA and the fragment of printed circuit board, the size of a thumb nail, again supplied by the CIA. What was ignored was the break in at PAN AM Cargo and Baggage handling the morning of the downing of the flight. Also not clear was how a barometric pressure switch didnt go of on either the flight from Malta to Frankfurt or Frankfurt to London. The emphasis was on the timer switch, but to set a timer switch in Malta and rely on all connections to go well is stretching credability a bit much.
Plain fact was the Scottish police were stretched well past their capabilties and had to rely on outside agencies in the investigation
# Mac 2010-08-10 10:30
This programme should be shown to student journalists as an example of bad journalism.

It was contrived, confused, in parts incredulus and lacked journalistic sharpness. I would imagine many viewers would have been far from impressed by this production.

As for Kaye Adams her twitterings were so light weight there was a danger the merest breeze would have blown her rhetoric away.
# Barontorc 2010-08-10 11:02
Why regurgitate everything that is known already - but only with bells on?
The issue is crying out for a real warts an all investigation into the unbelievably huge amount of contra-points against the manufactured evidence from the CIA.

(1) What's the chance of a tiny piece of computer board getting found in an area of almost 500 square miles!

(2) The fact that Al-Megrahi might not have been in Malta on the day of purchase of the tell-tale fragments offered again by the CIA!

(3) The last minute cancellation by a lot of "informed?" government heavyweights from the flight!

(4) The money paid to the Maltese shopkeeper to start a new life in Australia by the CIA!

(5) There are more points and anyone of them could have been used by an investigative program to show the riskiness of Al-Megrahi's conviction. But, finally, whats the deal when the concept that if Al-Megrahi's hands have blood on them what does that say for Gadaffi his boss and master - now wooed by the very countries that seek to blame Al-Megrahi?
# Mac 2010-08-10 13:06
If STV wanted to a new angle on the Lockerbie-Megrahi issue it could have investigated the matter of the Kelly brothers.

Tony Kelly is/was the defence lawyer for Megrahi. It was Tony Kelly who in 2008 told the world that Megrahi had terminal prostrate cancer as he was privy to both the SPS medical assesment and a Libyan government medical assesment. These assessments formed two medical opinions on which Tony Kelly made his annoucement on behalf of Megrahi.

Tony Kelly would have known that the SPS assessment was based on expert cancer advice from two consultant oncologists, two consultant urologists and a number of other specialists, including a palliative care team.

Tony Kelly would equally have known that the Libyan government assessment was based on expert cancer advice from specialists Ibrahim Sherif (Megrahi's doctor), Karol Sikora (Medical Director of CancerPartnersU K), and Prof Jonathan Waxman (founder of the The Prostate Cancer Charity).

Tony Kelly could not have made the public statement on Megrahi's terminal prostrate cancer without being in possession of the 'full facts' concerning the detailed medical diagnosis.

Now, James Kelly, Labour MSP, member of the Holyrood Justice committee, is the brother of Tony Kelly.

It is James Kelly who is criticisng the SNP government for not releasing the full medical advice and also Kenny MacAskill for not originally seeking a second medical opinion.

James Kelly was part of the committee that investigated the release of Megrahi. The committe concluded that, "the medical evidence in this case was considered in the normal way but notes that, in accordance with good practice, the Scottish Prison Service medical officer took additional opinions and advice from relevant experts in the process of coming to his decision on the advice to provide to the Cabinet Secretary. Given the acute sensitivities of this case, the Committee believes that consideration might have been given to obtaining a second opinion."
Note that the committee commended SPS medical officer for taking 'additional opinions', but due to acute sensitivities consideration might have been given to obtaining a 'second opinion'.

James Kelly had specifically wanted to include this sentence in the committee's report, "The Committee believes that the medical evidence lacked detail and that consideration should have been given to a second opinion, given the sensitivities involved in this case." This was rejected by the committee, but in a strange way the issue of sensitivities made it thru.

It is clear that the committee was satisfied the medical evidence was detailed and ultimately sound, but the sensitivities surrounding the release made the issue political. That is why in the committee's mind their definition of additional opinions did not equate to a second opinion. It was a political conclusion.

Now James Kelly is demanding the 'full facts'.

My advice to James Kelly is to ask his brother Tony Kelly to see if he was satisfied with the comprehensive medical evidence that he was privy to and that he publicly commented on; and while he is at it James Kelly might ask Tony Kelly the real reason why Megrahi dropped his appeal, his brother would have been privy to that information as well.
# truth 2010-08-12 00:36
Very informative mac.

# mato21 2010-08-10 13:51
Talk about wheels within wheels
# Mac 2010-08-10 14:52
It gets a bit more complicated than that. As part of Megrahi's release there has to be up-to-date medical reports provided to East Renfrewshire Council. There has been requests from Labour politicians, including James Kelly, that these details should be released to the public.

These requests have been both refused by East Renfrewshire Council and Megrahi's lawyers (Tony Kelly) on the grounds that Megrahi has right to confidentiality and should be treated like any other former prisoner.

On one hand we have one brother Tony Kelly fighting for the civil liberties and human rights of Megrahi, whilst on the other we have James Kelly who thinks he can make political capital by turning the release of Megrahi into a public spectacle.

Here is how Taylor & Kelly describe themselves;

Taylor & Kelly is one of the country’s top human rights law firms. Based in Coatbridge, we have represented clients from all over Scotland and even further afield. Our main goal is to vindicate the rights of those long overlooked and often marginalised before the Courts in Scotland. We fight for those who many people view as undeserving. Many however have for too long been excluded from litigating to affirm their rights.

In 2008 the firm was described as having as possessing "a passion and commitment that belies its size". Tony Kelly was described in glowing terms: "I can think of no other lawyer I would want on my side in a case concerning civil liberties in human rights".

Here is how James Kelly in supporting the introduction of ID cards describes his attitude to civil liberties in a debate at Holyrood;

"The priorities for my constituents are health, housing and education."

Here we have two brothers who represent both ends of the arguement over civil liberties.

Tony Kelly is against the Big Brother state, whilst James Kelly wants to be the Big Brother.
# mato21 2010-08-10 15:56
That's what they call covering all the bases if they don't catch you one way they'll catch you the other.It's unbelievable that in all this time unless they are sworn enemies discussions would not have taken place.You can forget about client confidentiality
# Mac 2010-08-11 08:38
What interests me is the phrase used by James Kelly "the medical evidence lacked detail". How would someone with no medical knowledge at all possibly say that ....... unless, possibly, James Kelly was aware of something other members of the committee did not know. You cannot discount the possibility that his brother Tony Kelly was an unwitting source of information, or misinformation, on the medical assessments. Perhaps Tony Kelly was not privy to the complete medical records, perhaps he did not understand them, perhaps he confused the certainty of diagnosis with the uncertainty of prognosis.

Whatever the contact between the two brothers that phrase "the medical evidence lacked detail" certainly suggests intrigue on James Kelly's part.

There can be no doubt that the Labour party have joined forces with BBC Scotland and the four US Senators to conduct a witch hunt of all those involved in the release of Mehgrahi, be they Scottish ministers, Scottish doctors and health workers, and Scottish social workers involved in monitoring the welfare of Megrahi.

I think it is an utter disgrace that people like James Kelly are only too willing to throw Scottish medical staff to American wolves.

I wonder what his brother Tony Kelly thinks of that.
# J Wil 2010-08-10 18:39
Initially the police implied they were in disbelief at all the links and connections that had led to Megrahi's conviction, but towards the end of the programme they used that as an argument to support the safe conviction of Megrahi. In other words, in their opinion, these links were so fantastical that you can't do anything else but believe them.

They also talked about the huge number of square miles of countryside that was searched to find the bits of the plane, invcluding the evidence that linked to Malta. I am sure the police were being thorough, but that looked like an impossible task.
# springy 2010-08-10 21:26
Newsnet had an earlier article that highlighted the similarities between Pan Am 103 and a French airliner that blew up months later.

The part of the green ciruit board recovered from Lockerbie was fortunately the piece with the markings that enabled it to be identified and ensured Libya was blamed.

The French plane that exploded some months later was also scattered over a wide area. The fragment of the circuit board that was found was again the part containing the markings that allowed Libya to be blamed.

Two crashes, two small fragments of circuit board found and both very lucky to have the serial numbers on them.

Last year tests were carried out by an explosives expert who said that the suitcase and board were "obliterated" by the explosion.

Explosives expert John Wyatt said;
"I do find it quite it extraordinary and I think highly improbable and most unlikely that you would find a fragment like that - it is unbelievable.

"We carried out 20 tests, we didn't carry out 100 or 1,000, but in those 20 tests we found absolutely nothing at all - so I found it highly improbable that you would find anything like that, particularly at 10,000 feet when bits are dropping into long wet grass over hundreds of miles.

Extraordinary, highly improbable and unbelievable, yet we are supposed to believe that it happened twice inside a year.
# Tinyzeitgeist 2010-08-10 22:55
Springy, good points. Perhaps we should also ask how much of Pan-Am 103 was missing after its reconstruction. It is probably safe to say that many bits of the aircraft were not recovered. Possibly several hundreds or thousands of square centimetres. So we are now to believe that one small piece of the circuit board that was in very close proximity to the explosive device was subsequently retrieved from within an 800 square mile area! It should also be made clear who found this critical piece of evidence and where - exactly. Was it an official search party or an individual. It is simply not good enough, given the geopolitical ramifications at the time, to accept without thorough investigation that this fragment was simply 'found'. I smell CIA and FBI all over this.
# McCourt 2010-08-11 10:51
Quoting springy:
Newsnet had an earlier article that highlighted the similarities between Pan Am 103 and a French airliner that blew up months later.

The part of the green ciruit board recovered from Lockerbie was fortunately the piece with the markings that enabled it to be identified and ensured Libya was blamed....

The circumstances of the circuit board finds also have striking resemblance to the find of the passport in the devastation of the 9/11 attacks.
# sid 2010-08-11 14:46
we all know from earlier in the week that some political party's in Scotland are quite prepared to run fast and loose with people's details and release and use this data at the drop of a hat, without a blink of an eye. I hope that "Scottish" labour and the three senators get told where to go and how to get there in respect of their outrageous demands re the health reports and who it was that conducted the consultations
anything less would be unacceptable .
# mato21 2010-08-11 21:24
read the links section Air Malta seems to be taking an interest on Mondays programme AS going to refuse medical reports

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