Creative Scotland still facing arts funding decisi

By Hugh Kerr Creative Scotland the troubled body responsible for distributing around £100 million of our money to fund the arts ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 12 November 2014 | Comments

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A Catalan view of that 'illegal' referendum

By Xavier Solano Catalans have voted, and have done so in defiance of the Spanish Government and the Constitutional Court that ...

Commentary | Tuesday, 11 November 2014 | Comments

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"The best is yet to come", says Sturgeon

  By Nicola Sturgeon MSPThese are good days in which to become First Minister and leader of the SNP.When Alex ...

Commentary | Sunday, 9 November 2014 | Comments

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Sturgeon must be fleet of foot to negotiate political battlefield

Derek Bateman considers the positive reaction to Scotland's new First Minister   It is doubtful if Gordon Strachan would have been lauded with such fervour if he’d won the World Cup. Indeed, it is probably Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win that provides the last national outpouring of such undiluted affection.   In an age of citizen cynicism and a measurable disengagement from Westminster and institutional ... Read More

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Darlings for Yes

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By Derek Bateman

If there was one aspect of the referendum that turned off Labour people it was Better Together.

From the first grudging acceptance of Darling as chairman – a cold, middle class Edinburgh lawyer – to the backslapping and hugging with victorious Tories, the Union campaign set voters’ teeth on edge.

  Commentary by Hugh Kerr

There must have been some interesting discussion at the "gala" Labour dinner in Glasgow this week, and the placement of guests certainly must have been tricky!

Still, since all the seats are being paid for no doubt by wealthy business sponsors, maybe it won't be such a problem!


By Chris Cunningham

Housing is devolved isn’t it?  That’s clear then, the Smith Commission won’t have much impact on it?


The Scottish Parliament is currently responsible for about 40% of housing within Scotland.  Primarily this is around the regulation and supply of social housing, regulation (to the extent there is any) in the private rented sector and some aspects of encouraging owner occupation eg help for first time buyers.

By a Newsnet reporter

Nicola Sturgeon today set out proposals aimed at preventing Britain from leaving the EU unless all four constituent parts of the UK vote to do so.

Setting out plans for a so-called 'quadruple lock' on EU membership, the First Minister in waiting called on pro-Union parties to back her plan.

Commentary by Hugh Kerr

Jim Murphy launched his leadership campaign on Saturday morning in the somehow appropriately named King Khalid Building of the Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh.

Older readers will remember King Khalid was the King of Saudi Arabia, responsible for the biggest-ever arms deal between the UK and any foreign government. It was a deal which British Aerospace gained by extensive bribery of Saudi officials.

Commentary by G.A.Ponsonby

So, if Jim Murphy is the favourite to lead the Labour Party in Scotland.  He’s a shoe-in if the media is to be believed.

That may be so, but has Jim got what it takes to bring the warring factions together, or is his reputation as a big-hitter more a product of a fawning Scottish media taken in by the illusion it helped cultivate?

First Minister-in-waiting Nicola Sturgeon MSP has started to set out her vision of a future Scotland and the task she faces when she takes over from Alex Salmond next month.

Sturgeon made the first of six planned keynote speeches at Edinburgh's Corn Exchange tonight. Newsnet Scotland is reproducing key extracts to accompany our earlier report of her EU referendum initiative.

The new SNP leader was forthright in accepting the referendum result and pledging her commitment to working with everyone, Yes and No alike.

In the 100years since the First World War it appears the causes for which this tremendous loss of life - prejudice, ignorance and the need to be "right" and on the "right side" - are still alive and well to-day, believes Peter Thomson.

One example is the "White" poppy which people purchase to demonstrate how PC and anti-war they are, ignoring that emblem of British Imperialism which is the "Red" Poppy.


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