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Surreal Scotland

By Derek Bateman Have we become Irish? I ask because there is such a hilariously contradictory mood around that it could ...

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Review: Sturgeon plays to a packed house at the Hy

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by Paul Kavanagh

When we hear Scots being spoken, or see examples of written Scots, we are immediately struck by the variation.  In every district where the language is spoken, there is a local accent and some words which are peculiar to the area.  To pick an obvious example, just about everyone knows that in the East of Scotland Scots speakers use the word bairn for child, whereas West of Scotland speakers invariably use the word wean.  Edinburgh folk use the word ken, but Glaswegians don't.  Yet the variety of Scots is more apparent than real.

But first, I want to explain the difference between accent and dialect.  Many people confuse the two.  Accent refers to pronunciation.  Many Scots speak only Standard English, so do Australians, English people and many others.

le Diarmuid Ó Muirgheasa

Buaidh nam meadhanan-sòisealta air poilitigs agus dè dh’fheuchas riaghaltasan gus stad a chur orra.

Chan eil e fada ceàrr a ràdh gur e mìorbhail a th'anns an eadarlìon. Gu cinnteach bho thaobh an eòlais-shòisealtais. Tha tòrr (is dòcha cus) sgrìobhte o chionn ghoirid mun bhuaidh air conaltradh agus comhluadar a tha air a bhith aig leithidean Facebook is Twitter thar nam bliadhnachan sa chaidh. Tha sin taghta, agus cudromach gun teagamh, ach is ann a-mach nas mò air teicneòlas fhèin a tha mi an turas seo.

For the principal, there is an issue of personal responsibility

by Kenneth Roy

If not quite a YouTube hit, the meeting in Bute Hall of Glasgow University to discuss last week's student eviction is being widely circulated on the internet.  It makes painful viewing.  The only genuinely funny moment was unintentional, when a badged functionary name of Paul came forth as a health and safety disciple to give detailed instructions on how to escape the joint in the event of an emergency – say, an unexpected visit by 80 burly chaps in fluorescent yellow.

"Our job," said Paul, "is to ensure your safety at all times" – an assurance worth a giggle in the circumstances.  The irony went unappreciated.

by Peter Thomson

And they are off! Is it just me or does it appear the Unionist parties are in increasing disarray with the Holyrood elections just around the corner?

The other weekend we had a round of spring party meetings (and whatever) and yet the real story appears to be an increasing divergence of opinion over Calman Minus within and amongst the Unionist parties themselves.

The Scottish Tories have laid down a challenge to Cameron.  The Torygraph sponsored meeting on Calman turned into a rout of the proposed Amendment Bill, lead by the ultra Thatcherite Lord Forsyth.  He described the bill as a “perfect storm of ill considered taxation, lending powers and business opportunities” and “the midwife of [Scottish] independence”.

by Paul Kavanagh

Read 1: Galicia 2: Sardinia

Mention Gagauzia and the usual reaction is a blank look.  Gagauzia is one of Europe's smallest nations, located in a remote corner of Eastern Europe in Europe's poorest and least economically developed state.  Few people in western Europe have heard of the Gagauz people or their country, Gagauz Yeri or Gagauzia, an autonomous region in southern Moldova, the former Soviet republic sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine.  Most often we hear of such small and faraway nations only when they are involved in war or civil strife.  But there have been no recent wars in Gagauzia, and although not without its problems the country is at peace.

by Rona Mackay

When Alex Salmond formed a minority Scottish Government in 2007, his aim of fulfilling every policy in the manifesto was as likely as finding a pot of gold over the rainbow alliance.

At the time, a friend said to me: “Now we’ll find out who the SNP’s friends are.”

Four years on, we pretty much know the answer to that.  Nationalists and Unionists have, and always will have, a troubled relationship.  Three against one are harsh odds for any governing body, so the fact that the Nationalists have achieved 84 out of 94 manifesto promises is nothing short of a miracle.  It says a lot about clever tactics and shrewd leadership that the SNP are now on such a positive path.

by David Malone

Are we all in this together?  Well only in the sense that in a drive-by shooting the killer, victim and gun are all in it together - just on different ends of it.  Same with our recovery.  We're all in it, but one man's efficiency saving, is another's unemployment.

Eurostat, the European agency which gathers and monitors economic data across the EU has just released a study on what it calls 'International Sourcing'.

by G.A.Ponsonby

Labour officials at Glasgow Council have come under fire after breaking the law by using a magazine funded by council taxpayers in order to mount a political attack on the Scottish government.

Council officials were forced to withdraw thousands of copies of the Glasgow Magazine after an article written by the chief of the ruling Labour group, Gordon Matheson, attacked the SNP.


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