Of hare brained schemes and the SmithComm

  Commentary by Derek Bateman Ruth Davidson will be deputy first minister alongside Nicola Sturgeon in less than two year’s time. ...

Commentary | Thursday, 23 October 2014 | Comments

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Labour has to get behind home rule

  By George Kerevan  On Monday night I attended my first SNP branch meeting since the referendum. It was held ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 22 October 2014 | Comments

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Why did nobody question Brown when he made his wor

Commentary by G.A.Ponsonby Who would have thought it eh?  The promises made by Gordon Brown in the final days o...

Commentary | Wednesday, 15 October 2014 | Comments

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Labour imposed 'Bedroom Tax Gagging Order' in Scotland

By Martin Kelly Pressure has increased on the Labour Party after a national newspaper revealed that its UK leadership actively prevented the Scottish party from criticising the Bedroom Tax for a full year. According to the Guardian newspaper, Ed Miliband barred Johann Lamont from speaking out against the Bedroom Tax while he pondered what Labour's policy on it s... Read More

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Glasgow sets standard on climate change

By A Newsnet Reporter Glasgow University has become the first in the UK to promise to pull its i... Read More

Scottish Greens welcome 3000 new members

The Scottish Greens are thanking over 3,000 new members who have joined the party since the close of polls on ... Read More

SNP membership surge means party could overtake UK Lib Dems

The wave of democratic engagement resulting from the referendum is continuing, the SNP has said today, as 16,694 new members ... Read More

SSP referendum meeting halted after pro-Union protestors berate locals

  By a Newsnet reporter  A public event to discuss the referendum, arranged by the Scottish Socialist Party, has had to ... Read More

Greens across Europe show support for Yes vote

Green Yes, the Scottish Green Party's campaign for a Yes vote in the referendum, will today (16 Sep) show the ... Read More

Darlings for Yes

Alistair Darling's plea to Scots to vote No has been given a giant thumbs down - by his own namesakes.  Another ... Read More

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by G.A.Ponsonby

The decision by the UK coalition government to raid the North Sea oil and gas sector in order to fund key policy commitments has caused a split within the Lib Dem party.

Newspaper reports have suggested that several Lib Dem MPs, including Scottish-based figures, are unhappy with the UK chancellor George Osborne’s decision to use the North Sea oil and gas sector in order to raise £10 billion over 5 years to fund key coalition policies.

by Paul Kavanagh

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, slightly smaller than Sicily.  It sits amongst a network of sealanes which have for thousands of years been amongst the busiest in the world.  Despite this, Sardinia owes its unique character to long isolation from the lands which border the Western Mediterranean.  For many hundreds of years, Sardinia was considered a wild world apart from civilised Europe or North Africa.

by Bob Cassells

I watched the entire Tottenham v. Milan game the other week: that’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back again.  Twenty two international and world class players playing the game with levels of skill light-years beyond the SPL ,and some way still farther off from the Scottish First Division, and yet I was left profoundly frustrated and bored witless.

by G.A.Ponsonby 

The UK coalition budget contained a secret subsidy for the nuclear industry, SNP MP Mike Weir has claimed.

Speaking after Wednesday’s Budget the SNP Energy Spokesman revealed that UK chancellor George Osborne’s plans contained an ‘underhand subsidy’ of £1.33 billion for the controversial industry as a result of the 'Carbon Floor Price' (CFP) which is a tax levied on industries who pollute.

Mr Osborne plans to introduce the CFP of £16 per tonne from 2013, rising to £30 a tonne by 2020.

By G.A.Ponsonby 

Labour’s Holyrood health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie has rejected suggestions that the Scottish arm of the party should be ashamed that they blocked minimum pricing for alcohol after the party’s UK shadow public health minister openly backed a pilot in England.

Ms Baillie was responding to a question from a GP after Diane Abbott, Labour's shadow public health minister at Westminster, said she would favour a pilot scheme in England, and possibly legislation, if it stopped young people getting "out of their skulls for less money than it takes to buy a bottle of Coca-Cola".

The electric caur huz came a lang wey since ra days ae Sir Clive Sinclair an ra wee Sinclair C5.  Toutit at ra time as ra future in motorin, hit died a death.  But technology disnae stey stull, an times chynges.  Noo a new electric caur huz jist been pit oot oantae ra mercat.  Unlike ra auld Sinclair C5, at tae monie fowk wisnae nuhin mair 'an a glorified weans bogie, these yins is proper motors.

by Jolene Cargill

A growing number of parents in Scotland fear their children are becoming more violent as a result of gang culture, according to new research from a leading children’s charity.

Children 1st revealed that parents made three hundred and fifty calls to ask for help because they are scared of their children’s aggressive behaviour and the impact of violence in their communities.

A quarter of parents who called Parentline Scotland between June 2010 and March 2011 about violence were worried about local gangs.  The findings also revealed some parents had been physically assaulted by their children and suggested young people are behaving aggressively because they fear becoming a victim of crime.

The election of a new Scottish Government will take place in May.  A number of individuals and organisations have been meeting to promote the case for independence over the last few months.

These include the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement, the John Maclean Society and members of the 1820 Society, in conjunction with the Communist Party of Scotland.

The case for independence is a critical aspect of the coming election and the opportunity may not arise again in the immediate future.  All interested organisations and individuals are invited to hear the background of the setting up of the Union and the case for independence.


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