Which campaign did Gordon Brown really save?

  By G.A.Ponsonby  So Gordon has done it again.  The man who saved the world after the banking crisis has ...

Commentary | Sunday, 21 September 2014 | Comments

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When the Independence horse bucks you off. Get up,

  By Mark McNaught However catastrophic and heart-wrenching the ‘no’ decision was, even some in the Unionist parties have said that ...

Commentary | Sunday, 21 September 2014 | Comments

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The referendum is over but the energy persists

  By Lesley Riddoch  It’s understandable Yes campaigners feel gutted, stunned and angry after the events of the last 48 ...

Commentary | Saturday, 20 September 2014 | Comments

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No campaign chief says fear was key to stopping Scots voting Yes

  By a Newsnet reporter  The Director of the anti-independence campaign, Better Together, has admitted that Scotland may have voted Yes if Unionists hadn't pursued a tactic of scaremongering. Blair McDougall has said commentators who criticised his campaign for being negative were wrong and that undecided voter focus groups had responded well to his campaign ... Read More


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Scottish Greens welcome 3000 new members

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SNP membership surge means party could overtake UK Lib Dems

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SSP referendum meeting halted after pro-Union protestors berate locals

  By a Newsnet reporter  A public event to discuss the referendum, arranged by the Scottish Socialist Party, has had to ... Read More

Greens across Europe show support for Yes vote

Green Yes, the Scottish Green Party's campaign for a Yes vote in the referendum, will today (16 Sep) show the ... Read More

Darlings for Yes

Alistair Darling's plea to Scots to vote No has been given a giant thumbs down - by his own namesakes.  Another ... Read More

More than 100 Labour supporters sign open letter calling for a Yes vote to build a fairer Scotland

More than 100 Labour party members past and present have signed an open letter urging a Yes vote on Thursday ... Read More

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by Paul Kavanagh

Dear Westminster,

There was a time when you wooed me.  Once you promised me the delights of India and the magic of Hong Kong, but these days all you do is sit on the sofa with your American pal playing war games.  You've squandered all our money on expensive toys and presents for your mates in the City.  Now you tell me you're cutting the housekeeping money but you're still buying two aircraft carriers, only there are no planes to put on them.  You even had the cheek to tell me you were doing me a favour by letting me assemble the airfix kits.  And don't start me on those bloody submarines.

by James Maxwell

A degree of equilibrium has at last been established in the Libyan civil war.

With the exception of a full-scale ground invasion, UN Security Council resolution 1973 sanctions the use by foreign states of “all necessary measures” to halt Colonel Gaddafi’s assault on those Libyan citizens who openly seek an alternative to his lunatic rule.

Under the protective force of British, French and American fighter jets, the Benghazi rebels can now begin to regroup, prepare for and then embark on the second phase of a conflict that had up until this point been heavily weighted against them.

What an interesting month it has been right here on Newsnet Scotland.  I don’t think there has ever been such polarisation of opinion from any preceding article or series of articles before Newsnet started publishing its Scots language pieces.  What a fascinating and revealing set of responses these diverse articles are generating.  The content of the articles is being pretty much ignored, it seems that the medium is in fact far more important than the message, at least when the message is being conveyed in the Scots language.

Myths:  5. Public signs in Gaelic or Scots are a waste of money

Read myth 1, 2, 3, 4

by Paul Kavanagh

There are two common objections to street signs and information signs in minority languages in public places.  In Scotland these objections generally only surface in relation to Gaelic because Scots currently has little of this kind of public presence, but the arguments apply to Scots as much as to Gaelic.

It's often said that it is a waste of public money to translate place name signs and other information into a language whose speakers already speak English.  This argument is also used against providing government forms, documents and publications in lesser used languages.  The argument is that since all Gaelic and Scots speakers speak and read English,  Gaelic or Scots versions of public information signs and official documents are not necessary to ensure that speakers have access to information or services they would otherwise be denied.

by Kenneth Roy

In the closing weeks of 2009, I was asked if SR would become involved in the campaign to save St Margaret of Scotland Hospice. Of the campaign I knew nothing; of the hospice itself, the barest fragment of an anecdote. I was about to learn a great deal more.

All I had ever heard of St Margaret's was a sad, amusing little story told by Murray Ritchie. A former colleague spent his last weeks in the hospice. Early one afternoon, a nurse came to his bed and asked if there was anything he would like. 'Yes,' Bob replied, 'I would like a glass of dry white wine'. Murray spoke well of the care our dying friend received there. He was not alone. The Care Commission has consistently rated St Margaret's 'excellent' in every department.

Efter a camstairie kippil o weiks in the warld news, the Arab rebelliouns an the threesum yirdquake, tsunami an nuclear mishanter at haes cowpit Japan, oncomes in anither kintra malafoustert bi a yirdquake ower a yeir syne haes bene owerleukit.  In Haiti thae war haudin the furst presidential elecciouns syne the yirdquake o 2010 at sene mair nor 300,000 fowk loss thair lyfes.  Voters wis speirt tae pick atwein Mirlande Manigat, umquhyle furst ladie an senatour, a lang-staunin estaiblishment feigur in Haitian poleitics, an Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly, a weill-kent musician at haesnae hauden onie public office afore.

by James Aitken

Or should that be two independent nations, a combined independent nation and two thirds of a  province, a principality and two ancient kingdoms!

So another 6 Nations has come and gone.  There are in fact three separate competitions.  One for our senior men’s teams, one for our under 20’s and one for senior women’s team.  

Let’s start with the main event.   England were the best team in the championship.   Most wins, most tries and best points difference all reflect that.   They are not the finished article but are improving and may be there or thereabouts come the World Cup.

by Ben Borland

IT IS the best excuse for a party Britain has had for years, with millions getting ready to celebrate the marriage of Prince WilliamSEnS and Kate Middleton.

But in Scotland, there are just 13 Royal Wedding street parties planned with less than six weeks to go.

Despite a national holiday on April 29, only eight applications have been received by the City of Edinburgh Council, with one each in Glasgow, Fife, Moray, East Lothian and South Lanarkshire.

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