The challenges facing Scottish housing

By Chris Cunningham Housing is devolved isn’t it?  That’s clear then, the Smith Commission won’t have much impact on it? Wrong! The Scottish ...

Commentary | Thursday, 30 October 2014 | Comments

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Viewpoint: Red and White Poppery

In the 100years since the First World War it appears the causes for which this tremendous loss of life - ...

Commentary | Tuesday, 28 October 2014 | Comments

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Of hare brained schemes and the SmithComm

  Commentary by Derek Bateman Ruth Davidson will be deputy first minister alongside Nicola Sturgeon in less than two year’s time. ...

Commentary | Thursday, 23 October 2014 | Comments

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Yes supporters should welcome a Murphy leadership

  Commentary by Hugh Kerr There must have been some interesting discussion at the "gala" Labour dinner in Glasgow this week, and the placement of guests certainly must have been tricky! Still, since all the seats are being paid for no doubt by wealthy business sponsors, maybe it won't be such a ... Read More

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Darlings for Yes

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by Rona Mackay

Michelin-star chef Andrew Fairlie and best-selling author Iain Banks have announced they will be backing the re-election of SNP. Welcoming the endorsements, First Minister Alex Salmond, said: “I am delighted Andrew and Iain are backing the SNP’s re-election in May. Andrew Fairlie epitomises the very best of Scotland’s internationally-recognised expertise and excellence in the food and drink sector which is now worth £11billion pounds to the Scottish economy.

“Iain is one of Scotland’ most successful and well-known writers and has shown a real commitment to the values the SNP seeks to protect and the vision of a better Scotland ahead. “

by Paul Kavanagh

The great difficulty about writing about the Scottish Cringe is that it’s not easy to section off and divide up into easy to digest bite-sized chunks.   The Cringe is like a malignant tumour that spreads within a body infecting every part of the system and weakens and debilitates from within, but it can’t easily be distinguished from normal healthy tissue.

by Ben Borland

FEARS the Pentagon could use anti-terror laws to secretly hack into today’s Census data have led to unprecedented security being introduced by the Scottish Government.

The safeguards were installed amid concerns the US-owned defence and intelligence company carrying out the survey in Scotland could be forced to hand over sensitive information.

by G.A.Ponsonby

The decision by the UK coalition government to raid the North Sea oil and gas sector in order to fund key policy commitments has caused a split within the Lib Dem party.

Newspaper reports have suggested that several Lib Dem MPs, including Scottish-based figures, are unhappy with the UK chancellor George Osborne’s decision to use the North Sea oil and gas sector in order to raise £10 billion over 5 years to fund key coalition policies.

The public birse in the Mid Eist ower undemocratic and corruptit governaments conteinaes tae spreid.  Furst Tunisia an Egypt, than Bahrain, Yemen an Libya, an nou the Ba'ath regime in Syria is the latest tae wutness a sairious challenge ti hits rule.  The Ba'ath pairtie haes ruled Syria sin 1963 whan hit tuik pouer in a coup d'etat.  A state o emergencie an suspension o civil liberties haes been kep in place in the kintra fur aa that time.

by James Aitken

The UK Chancellor earlier this week announced a further reduction in the rate of UK corporation tax and also opened up the possibility of Northern Ireland being able to set its own rate of corporation tax.

The SNP has called for the Scottish Parliament to be given similar powers.  In addition the two wealthiest businessmen in Scotland, Sir Tom Hunter and Jim McColl, have said that Scotland should be granted the right to set its own corporation tax.  I look forward with interest to what the likes of the Labour party and the CBI in Scotland think of this.  Evidence of the possible success that this policy might have was given when a number of companies said that they are likely to return to the UK.

by James Maxwell

Edinburgh based think-tank Reform Scotland launched its manifesto last week with the aim of addressing the “long-term structural problems” that it believes will confront Scottish society over the next two decades and beyond.

Its central policy proposals include:

By G.A.Ponsonby 

Labour’s Holyrood health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie has rejected suggestions that the Scottish arm of the party should be ashamed that they blocked minimum pricing for alcohol after the party’s UK shadow public health minister openly backed a pilot in England.

Ms Baillie was responding to a question from a GP after Diane Abbott, Labour's shadow public health minister at Westminster, said she would favour a pilot scheme in England, and possibly legislation, if it stopped young people getting "out of their skulls for less money than it takes to buy a bottle of Coca-Cola".


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