Why Britain shares America's torture shame

Commentary by Derek Bateman If America’s torture regime was shameful, as even their allies claim, how much of that shame is ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 10 December 2014 | Comments

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A Big Boy Did It …

Commentary By GA Ponsonby The National is set for an indefinite print run.  The first daily newspaper to back ...

Commentary | Saturday, 29 November 2014 | Comments

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All hail the Stupid Party

By Derek Bateman The chorus of whines is alive in the shires of England, and in Scotland the sound of deflating ...

Commentary | Thursday, 27 November 2014 | Comments

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Murphy 'consensus' doctrine falls at first hurdle

By Thomas Connolly Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy's conversion to consensus politics appears to be stuck in first gear after just a week in charge. The performance of his deputy, Kezia Dugdale MSP, in trying to pin responsiblity for the woes of the oil sector on the SNP at First Minister's Questions last week, suggested that Labour cannot shake itself ... Read More

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Greens across Europe show support for Yes vote

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Darlings for Yes

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Derek Bateman considers the positive reaction to Scotland's new First Minister


It is doubtful if Gordon Strachan would have been lauded with such fervour if he’d won the World Cup. Indeed, it is probably Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win that provides the last national outpouring of such undiluted affection.


In an age of citizen cynicism and a measurable disengagement from Westminster and institutional politics generally – to be confirmed today in a UKIP-dominated by-election – the un-selfconscious public love for both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon is something of a phenomenon, especially in dour, unemotional Scotland.

Commentary by Thomas Connolly

Welcome to the start of the SNP’s UK general election campaign. With a new leader in place and a massive surge in membership, the party spent the weekend getting on a war footing for the May 7 poll.

Nicola Sturgeon’s long expected elevation came in the most unexpected of circumstances. The resignation of a party leader after a referendum defeat usually signals a fearful entry into the doldrums.

By a Newsnet reporter

Nicola Sturgeon MSP took on the Scottish National Party leadership today, alongside her newly-elected deputy Stewart Hosie MP, on the platform at the annual conference in Perth.

Mr Hosie's election surprised some, given that popular MSP Keith Brown had been tipped as the deputy leadership favourite in a three-way contest that included Angela Constance MSP.

By Hugh Kerr

Creative Scotland the troubled body responsible for distributing around £100 million of our money to fund the arts has managed to create a stushie over its first funding budget since it was relaunched.

In particular it has caused major comment by cutting the budget entirely of Scottish Youth Theatre, which was responsible for the beginnings of many great theatrical careers in Scotland.

Analysis by Thomas Connolly

Labour faces another devastating week at the hands of opinion pollsters, following the revelation that it stands to lose a staggering 35 seats to the SNP at next year’s UK general election.

The Survation poll, published in the Labour-supporting Daily Record, also carried the astonishing claim that party leader Ed Miliband is “completely” trusted by a derisory two per cent of Scottish voters.

By a Newsnet Reporter

Journalists at BBC Scotland were hampered in their coverage of the independence referendum by poor management, budget cuts and London indifference, according to their union leader in Scotland.

In a devastating critique of what was going on within BBC Scotland headquarters at Pacific Quay, National Union of Journalists’ Scottish organiser Paul Holleran described how a series of decisions were taken with little or no consultation.

On the day of Alex Salmond's final First Minister's Questions at Holyrood, Derek Bateman considers his legacy.

What was the pinnacle? After 20 years in leadership and seven as First Minister, Alex Salmond would be entitled to reply that longevity was his ultimate achievement.

More correctly, he could point to consistency, the true hallmark of success and one that contrasts sharply with the ebb and flow of personalities among his many opponents.

By Xavier Solano

Catalans have voted, and have done so in defiance of the Spanish Government and the Constitutional Court that declared this consultation illegal. It is remarkable that 40,000 volunteers and over 2.3 million people defied the Court’s suspension, especially taking into account that it was known that Spain’s public prosecutor would investigate whether anyone breached the suspension.


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