Why Britain shares America's torture shame

Commentary by Derek Bateman If America’s torture regime was shameful, as even their allies claim, how much of that shame is ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 10 December 2014 | Comments

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A Big Boy Did It …

Commentary By GA Ponsonby The National is set for an indefinite print run.  The first daily newspaper to back ...

Commentary | Saturday, 29 November 2014 | Comments

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All hail the Stupid Party

By Derek Bateman The chorus of whines is alive in the shires of England, and in Scotland the sound of deflating ...

Commentary | Thursday, 27 November 2014 | Comments

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Murphy 'consensus' doctrine falls at first hurdle

By Thomas Connolly Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy's conversion to consensus politics appears to be stuck in first gear after just a week in charge. The performance of his deputy, Kezia Dugdale MSP, in trying to pin responsiblity for the woes of the oil sector on the SNP at First Minister's Questions last week, suggested that Labour cannot shake itself ... Read More

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First Minister Alex Salmond has welcomed the announcement by world-leading wind energy company Gamesa of plans for an offshore technology research centre to be based in Glasgow.

The Spanish company's proposals to establish an Offshore Wind Technology Centre could create an initial 130 engineering jobs with prospects of a further 170 jobs.

By Ewen McPherson, aka Chiefy1724

If you remember, last time I wrote a brief piece for this site I was going on about how much time we seem to spend talking to ourselves.

We still talk to ourselves. However what I must say is that the quality as well as the quantity of submission and discourse on Newsnet Scotland has shown an immense improvement.

Newsnet Scotland is now developing a reputation as a source of unbiased opinion where those of a pro-independence mind will receive the same courtesies extended to those who do not share our views.

BBC Scotland’s political editor Brian Taylor has voiced his support for under fire Scotland Bill MSPs Wendy Alexander and David McLetchie.

Mr Taylor said the tactics employed by the Labour and Tory MSPs who subjected two respected academics to aggressive questioning at a committee hearing was “entirely legitimate”.

Mr Taylor was responding to the furore after Professors Drew Scott and Andrew Hughes-Hallett had complained about the treatment they received at the hands of the two Unionist MSPs as they attempted to give evidence to the Scottish parliament's Scotland Bill committee.  The academics complained to Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson and revealed that research papers had been acquired by the committee without permission and had “masqueraded” as evidence in order to attack their academic reputation.


The Labour party was left reeling yesterday following the shock resignation of Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson.  Mr Johnson announced his resignation from Ed Miliband's frontbench team, citing "personal" reasons and was immediately replaced by Ed Balls.

The loss of the second in command from his shadow cabinet is a severe blow to Ed Miliband who has faced mounting criticism from within his own party over his leadership style.

Unemployment has fallen and economic growth has increased in Scotland according to the latest official figures from the Scottish Government.

The fall of unemployment in Scotland is in contrast to a rise in unemployment across the rest of the UK.

Opposition party leaders at Holyrood have been left exposed and isolated after it emerged that Westminster plans to bring in minimum pricing for alcohol in England and Wales.

The news is an embarrassment to Holyrood’s Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem leaders after they joined forces in November last year in order to block the SNP’s minimum price policy.

The row over the treatment of two independent academics at the hands of Labour and Tory MSPs on a Holyrood parliamentary committee has escalated with the Tory MSP David McLetchie (pictured) defending the line of questioning and taunting the professors saying “If they can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen”.

The row centres around what professors Drew Scott and Andrew Hughes-Hallett described as an “ambush” by the Unionist dominated committee members as the academics tried to present specially prepared evidence relating to the Scotland Bill.


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