There's a host of post indyref questions needing a

  By Derek Bateman  I’m a ferment of conflicting emotions…part of me wants to switch off altogether and stop thinking ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 1 October 2014 | Comments

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Let's turn Brown's petition back on him

  By G.A.Ponsonby  So the cat is out of the bag.  The 'Clunking Fist' had no authority to make any ...

Commentary | Tuesday, 30 September 2014 | Comments

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Newsnet Scotland … A Continuing Story

  By Online Ed  I remember one day waking up and wondering which party had won a crucial by-election.  It ...

Commentary | Monday, 29 September 2014 | Comments

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There's a host of post indyref questions needing answered

  By Derek Bateman  I’m a ferment of conflicting emotions…part of me wants to switch off altogether and stop thinking about the bloody mess that we could have left behind…I’m sick of the manipulation that the Unionist machine regards as politics as normal…I’m determined to be optimistic that from a triumphant democratic process we can rescue something viable and even ... Read More


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by Alex Porter

Canongate, the Edinburgh based independent publishers, has signed a deal with Wikileaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange to publish his memoirs.

For the rights Assange will receive $800,000 from American publisher Alfred A. Knopf and £325,000 ($502,000) from Canongate. Assange explained that as Wikileaks has been prevented by Visa, MasterCard and PayPal from receiving donations the money will go toward paying his legal bills, related to allegations of rape against him in Sweden, and helping keep the WikiLeaks operations going. The deal is a risk for the publishers who could face the same sanctions from the credit card firms as Wikileaks itself.

The LibDems endorsing of Tory cuts are a betrayal of their Scottish voters according to SNP MSP Joe Fitzpatrick.

Mr Fitzpatrick, a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee, launched a withering attack on the Conservative’s coalition partners after comments made by the LibDem Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander (pictured), described planned cuts as “common sense”, “progressive” and “civilised”.

by Peter Geoghegan

Among the many inscriptions on the Canongate wall at Holyrood, it is a terse Scottish proverb that sums up the reality of political life in the Scottish Parliament better than any bon mots from Hugh MacDiarmid or Norman MacCaig: ‘To promise is ae thing, to keep it is anither.’

Despite the enthusiasm that greeted its inception, Holyrood has not always managed to capture the Scottish public’s imagination in the intervening years. The realpolitik of representative democracy - special interests, deal making, coalition building – has come, perhaps unsurprisingly, to dominate popular perceptions of life within the chambers.

by Alex Porter, Economy Editor

This month, in a single week, the British pound fell 3 percent against the US dollar.

There are varying accounts among financial analysts as to the causes of sterling's fall. One reason given is the UK bank's exposure to Spain, which Moody’s has warned could soon be downgraded. Others point to the UK economy's integration with and heavy debt exposure to Ireland, which Moody’s did actually downgrade last week by 5-levels to Baa1. Such a grade is just shy of the 'junk' category.

by Alex Porter

Former Scottish Secretary Michael Forsyth is calling for a referendum on the Scotland Bill arguing that the public has a democratic right to decide whether or not they want to transfer powers over income tax from Westminster to the Scottish parliament.

The Scotland Bill is a Westminster piece of legislation and is the outcome of the work of the Calman Commission chaired by Sir Kenneth Calman.

by Pat Kane

Hopes, visions - and fears - for 2011 in Scotland? Certainly, the prospect of a Labour-dominated Scottish Parliament after the May elections has a strange, deadening feel to it. Observing the half-hearted constitutional contortions of the Calman Bill, with its eccentric repatriations of powers to Holyrood and its anaemic concessions on fiscal powers, shows how punctured and empty the Unionist imagination is (never mind the extinction of the federal spirit of Scottish Liberals).

But the spectacle of a Scottish Parliament slowed to a stunned snail's pace, kept quiescent as the Westminster Labour Party works on disaffected Lib-Dem voters and MPs to unravel or challenge the Coalition over the next few years, is deeply depressing.

by Siôn Rees Williams

2011 promises to be an eventful and decidedly important year in the future of both our respective nations. I sincerely hope that the goodwill I have already received from many members of this newspaper will continue, as will the growth in ties between those of a common mind and aims for both Scotland and Wales. Our fight and opponents are common ones, and a unity of purpose and vision at the beginning of the year should prove memorable for our political campaigns.  It will also influence the future direction which the separate nations of the Disunited Kingdom will take, and how the powers that be in that centralised, over-bearing and artificial state will react.

Kenneth Roy

On 26 January, unless the unexpected happens, Tommy Sheridan will enter the Scottish prison system. On arrival, he will be taken to a cubicle known as the dog-box, where he will be stripped of all his clothes and possessions. He will then be required to walk naked along a narrow corridor to a room where he will be medically examined and fitted with a distinctive uniform for the convicted.


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