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In the 100years since the First World War it appears the causes for which this tremendous loss of life - ...

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Of hare brained schemes and the SmithComm

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Press Gangs (3): Kenneth Roy

Former Labour MP and now Lord, John Reid, has defended the use of £1000s of taxpayer’s cash in order to ferry him around in a chauffeured driven luxury car.

The former North Lanarkshire MP who recently joined a host of other Scottish Labour MPs in the House of Lords remained defiant after it emerged that he had used the publicly funded Jaguars in order to ferry himself to Celtic matches and meetings at a cost of over £4000.

This is Scottish election year and the starting pistol was fired with the so called New Year messages from the party leaders. From now until May 5th every announcement, comment and policy statement will be pored over and headlined by the Scottish media.

In this sensitive atmosphere a slip of the tongue or a perceived policy 'U' turn could spell disaster – no one is immune from the media microscope – or rather no one SHOULD be immune from this early campaign scrutiny. However the year is but days old and already there are serious questions being asked of BBC Scotland's handling of the political news in Scotland.

Press Gangs (1): Kenneth Roy

Three weeks today, Tommy Sheridan will go to prison. Only the length of the sentence remains in doubt. A term of four or five years is widely predicted, in which case the former leader of the Scottish Socialist Party can expect to be released in January or July 2013. But the case looks far from over: Mr Sheridan continues to protest his innocence and says he is planning an appeal.


Former Labour MP David Chaytor has been jailed for 18 months after admitting to three charges of expenses fraud.

The ex MP for Bury North obtained around £20,000 of taxpayer’s money by claiming rent and mortgage payments he was not entitled to and submitting bogus invoices for IT work.

Press Gangs (2): Kenneth Roy

Yesterday's SR editorial on the BBC Scotland programme, 'The Rise and Lies of Tommy Sheridan', prompted several immediate responses. At least one journalist asked Lothian and Borders Police to confirm or deny that it was responsible for leaking to the media the tapes of its own interviews with the two accused. He got a denial.

A poll for The Independent newspaper shows the LibDems have slumped to their lowest ever UK rating.

The survey is a weighted average of the regular surveys by ComRes, ICM, Ipsos MORI and YouGov, and puts the party on just 11% - which is their lowest level since 1988 when the party was formed.

by Alex Porter

The singer-songwriter and former Humblebum was admitted to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in November last year with suspected liver failure. He is known to have received treatment for liver failure in the past.

His family said he died at home peacefully with his daughter Martha this morning.

Rafferty, who was born in Paisley in 1947 is perhaps best known for his international hit song Baker Street from his multi-platinum album "City to City" which contains a sublime saxophone solo which is instantly recognisable around the world.


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